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Charles Herman Tozier (1875-1947)
Lantern Slides


Charles Herman Tozier was born on February 24, 1875 In Waterville, Maine to Cyrus Greely and Annie Osgood Tozier. He attended Somerville High School and then Harvard. He received his bachelor's degree in 1898, his medical school degree in 1901 and according to records went back to Harvard Dental and received his degree in 1944 with a specialty of dental surgery (this may however be incorrect). He married Edith Downs Peck, became a widower in 1935 and then in 1937 married Helen Clark Hopewell.

Tozier was hired as a research fellow at the Harvard Medical School. He "conducted experiments in a specialized laboratory on microscopic photography in color in histology and pathology" (Boston Herald, 1947). From 1936-1944 he served as a Research Fellow in Dental Science and he was a Research Fellow in Visual Education from 1944 to his death (Report of the President, HC 1946-47). Tozier was also credited as doing "avocational work in color photography" (Boston Herald, 1947). He led an archaeological tour to the Maya region of Guatemala in 1939 and was known for his "Tozier Tours" - winter tours to Canada and Maine culminating in a giant New Year's party. He led these for nearly 20 years.

Tozier died of heart disease on January 1, 1947. He left a "substantial fund" to Harvard College for support of visual education. His stipulation was that they pay yearly stipends to his wife, sister, and widowed daughter-in-law. He also left Harvard all of his cameras and photographic equipment. In the HC President's report from 1946-47, for the Graduate School of Design, it lists "The most important single addition to the library during the year has been a final allotment of Kodachrome lantern slides from the Charles H. Tozier collection."


Boston Herald, 1947
Report of the President, Harvard College, 1946-47

Scope & Content:
The lantern slides are largely color photographs of living plants. In a few cases the location of the plant is given. There are slides that are black and white, line drawings, or of specimens, but these are few in number (less than 10 of over 576).

The lantern slides were likely part of a larger collection that was donated to Harvard and then divided up among various departments. Prior to arriving in the Archives they were housed in the Herbarium for an unknown period of time.

Container List:
The slides have been numbered based on the order in which they were filed in the Herbarium.

List of slides
Box 1: #1-80
Box 2: #81-160
Box 3: #161-240
Box 4: #241-320
Box 5: #321-400
Box 6: #401-480
Box 7: #481-540
Box 8: #541-576


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