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Frederick K. Sparrow was born on May 11, 1903, in Washington, D.C., the only child of Minnie Tomlinson and Frederick Kroeber Sparrow. His interest in natural history began while he was a child. In 1925, he graduated with a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan. While at the University of Michigan, he also met Anna Gabler, who he married in 1925. Shortly thereafter, he began his graduate studies at Harvard University. He received his A.M. degree in 1926 and his Ph.D. in 1929. In 1929, he joined the faculty of Dartmouth College as an Instructor, later becoming an Assistant Professor in Biology. It was at this time that he published his first paper on chytridiaceous fungi, a group of organisms on which he would publish many papers.

Sparrow also had a great interest in aquatic fungi. He was able to conduct much research on this subject during his Research Fellowship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution during the summers of 1934-1936. Further studies were undertaken in the summers of 1968 and 1972, when he worked at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories. He also studied marine fungi at the Botany School at Cambridge, England in 1956.

In 1936, Sparrow returned to the University of Michigan as Assistant Professor, becoming Professor of Botany in 1949. He also taught and conducted research at the University of Michigan Biological Station, where he was named Acting Director in 1967 and Director in 1968. He also held appointments as Visiting Professor to several institutions: at the University of Hawaii in 1963, at the University of California, Berkeley in 1966, and after his retirement in 1973, at the University of South Florida and the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Sparrow received many awards and positions of honor. He was Secretary-Treasurer of the Mycological Society of America from 1945 to 1948, after which he was elected Vice-President of the Society, and President in 1949. He was elected President of the Michigan Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Letters in 1954, and selected to be the Seventh Annual Lecturer of the Mycological Society of America in 1958. In 1968, he received the Award of Merit from the Botanical Society of America. This was the same year that he was elected a Fellow of the American Society for the Advancement of Science.

In 1964, he was elected Honorary Vice President of the Tenth International Botanical Congress in Edinburgh and in 1977 he was President of the Second International Mycological Congress in Tampa, Florida. It was at this Congress, held in August of 1977 that he gave his address on Professor Anton de Bary. He died on October 2nd of the same year, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



"Frederick Kroeber Sparrow (1903-1977)" by Robert A. Paterson in Mycologia, 70(2), 1978, pp. 213-221.


Scope & Content:

Collection consists of correspondence, photocopied articles, handwritten notes, and slides and photographs. These items are related to Sparrow's manuscript of his address Professor Anton de Bary.


Series Descriptions:

The collection is broken down into four series.

Series I - Correspondence. Correspondence dates from 1974 to 1978 and is contained in four folders.
Series II - Manuscript notes. This is the largest series in the collection. It consists of handwritten notes, photocopied articles both by and about de Bary, and several versions of the final manuscript. It is contained in 41 folders.
Series III - Slides and photographs. These are slides and photographic duplicates of the slides used in Sparrow's address. A list of the slides is included. This series is contained in four slide boxes, two envelopes, and one folder.
Series IV - Related items. This consists of two items, a drawing and a road map, in one folder.


The collection was given to the Farlow Herbarium by Mrs. Sparrow.


Container List:

Box 1

Series I: Correspondence
Folder 1: Correspondence, 1974, 6 items
Folder 2: Correspondence, 1975, 3 items
Folder 3: Correspondence , 1976-1977, 5 items
Folder 4: Correspondence , 1978, 1 item

Series II: Manuscript notes
Folder 5: Tentative outline of manuscript, 1 item
Folder 6: Manuscript of address Professor Anton de Bary, 1 item
Folder 7: Manuscript of address Professor Anton de Bary, reading copy used at IMC2, August 1977, 1 item
Folder 8: Manuscript of address Professor Anton de Bary, lantern operator's copy, 1 item
Folder 9: Manuscript of address "Professor Anton de Bary," revised and corrected by Mrs. Sparrow?, 1 item
Folders 10-14: Handwritten notes by Sparrow, 37 items
Folder 15: Photocopied notes, 3 items
Folder 16: Photocopied de Bary letters, 1874-1877, 5 items
Folder 17: Photocopied de Bary letters, 1878-1885 and undated, 11 items
Folder 18: Translated reproductions of letters, 3 items
Folder 19: Photocopied articles by de Bary, 1852-1856, 4 items
Folder 20: Photocopied articles by de Bary, 1860-1862, 4 items
Folder 21: Photocopied article by de Bary, "Recherches sur le développement de quelques champignons parasites," 1863, 1 item
Folder 22: Photocopied articles by de Bary, 1865-1868, 5 items
Folder 23: Photocopied articles by de Bary, 1872-1879, 5 items
Folder 24: Photocopied articles by de Bary, 1880-1888, 7 items
Folder 25: Photocopied articles by de Bary, undated, 4 items
Folder 26: Photocopied de Bary book Untersuchungen über die brandpilze..., 1853, 1 item
Folder 27: Photocopied de Bary book Über die fruchtentwicklung der Ascomyceten, 1863, 1 item
Folder 28: Photocopied de Bary bibliographies, 2 items
Folder 29: Photocopied biographical articles about de Bary, 4 items
Folder 30: Miscellaneous sheets on de Bary's achievements, 1 item
Folder 31-33: Articles on de Bary's death, 13 items
Folder 34: Photocopied articles and reprints about de Bary's work, 6 items
Folder 35: Photocopied articles about the laboratory at Strasbourg, 4 items
Folder 36: Photocopied photograph "Botanists at Manchester," 1 item
Folder 37: List of de Bary's students, 3 items
Folder 38: Articles about de Bary Hall, De Bary, Florida, 3 items
Folder 39: Reprint "The change from the old to the new botany in the United States," by W.G. Farlow, 1913, 1 item
Folder 40: Photocopied article "Zum hundertsten geburtag Anton de Barys," by L. Jost, 1930, 1 item
Folder 41: Photocopied article "The correspondence of William G. Farlow during his student days at Strasbourg," by H.F. Harris, 1945, 1 item
Folder 42: Photocopied book fragment w/handwritten translation, 2 items
Folder 43: Photocopied book fragments, 4 items
Folder 44: Photocopied fragments from The advance of the fungi, 1 item
Folder 45: Photocopied fragments from Three centuries of mycology, 1 item


Series III: Slides and photographs
Folder 46: List of slides

Slides used in presentation, in 4 slide boxes
Photographed duplicates of slides, in 1 envelope
Two small photographs of de Bary, in 1 envelope

Series IV: Related items
Folder 47: Sparrow drawing X-mas at Pustule Corners, Twigville 1932 and road map of California, 2 items


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