The following is a list of senders of the Davenport letters, with notations of number of letters and their inclusive years for each sender. In most cases the names of senders serve as folder titles; when "mounted postcards" are mentioned, however, users must refer to the postcard files at the end of the alphabet.

Adam, Joseph S.21878 
Alden, George J. 11877 
Allen, Abbie A11879 
Ames, Mary E. Pulsifer10 1874-1878 and n.d. 
Anderson, Charles Lewis31874-761 postcard in the mounted postcards folder
Andrews, Albert LeRoy41900-1901 
Andrewn Luman51903 
Andriessen, Hugo4 (1 incomplete) 1881 and n.d.  
Anthony, Emilia Crane (ne Royce) 2 1901 
Arthur, Joseph Charles31882-1896 
Austin, Rebecca Merritt (formerly Leonard, ne Smith) 61875-1876 1 mounted postcard, 1877

Bagg, S.C., Mrs11881 
Baker, John Gilber71880-1899 
Baldwin, Henry11883 
Barnes, Kate L. 191875-1898 and n.d. 1 mounted postcard, n.d.
Barnett, Evelyn Snead 11902 
Bartlett, Julia B. 1 n.d.  
Bates, William H. 31882 
Beach, Amy M. (Mrs. H.H.A.) 11901 
Beal, William James 31882 
Beardslee, Henry Curtis 11879 
Beauchamp, W.M. 11886 
Bennett, James Lawrence 4 and list of Filices 1877 
Bessey, Charles Edwin 41898-1900 
Biddlecome, Hannah J. 2 mounted postcards1876-1877 
Birkenhead, W.J. (nursery and seedsmen) 41878-1879 
Bishop, James Nathaniel 61896-1900 
Botanical Gazette11896 
Bourn, Allan 81904-1906 
Bourquin, Fred I. 21873 
Bradleee H. 11888 
Bradley, Frank Howe1 mounted postcard 1875 
Brandegee, Towshend Stith 181873-1907 and n.d.  
Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude (née Knight) 291886-1901 
Britton, Nathaniel Lord 31889-1896 
Brown, Addison 91878-1883 
Brown, S.A. 21897-1898 
Buckley, Samuel Botsford 11874 
Burbank, H.H. 11889 
Burgess, I.I.W. 31884-1887 
Burnham, Florence I.W. 1n.d.  
Burnham, Steward Henry 21900-1901 
Bush, A.E., Mrs. 121879-1883 
Buswell, E.W. 51885  
Butler, Alford Augustus 1 (incomplete) n.d.  
Butler, E.E. 21878 
Butler, Faustina 1 n.d.  
Butler, L., Miss 1 n.d.  

Cape, Edw. D. 11883  
Cassino, Samuel Edson61887-1881  
Cathcart, Wallace Hugh1188_  
Chamberlain, Edward Blanchard11901  
Chandler, Harley Pierce11903  
Chapin, Emily J(?) (Mrs. C.O.) 21898  
Chapman, Alvin Wentworth31874-1883  
Cheney, Clara Imogene11902  
Christ, (Konrad) Hermann Heinrich71885-19011 translationmarked copy of Davenport's North American Ferns list
Clapp, Henry Lincoln11899  
Clapp, Ida (Mrs. J.B.) 21901  
Clark, Alice L. (née Grinnell) 1 (with photo of a specimen) 1904  
Clark, John S. 21885  
Clarke, F.L. 21883-1885  
Cleveland, Daniel171875-188612 mounted postcards1875-1878
Clinton, George William11879(?)  
Clute, Willard Nelson111896-1906  
Coffin, Judith Hopkins 1 n.d.   
Collins, Frank Shipley 41879-1904  
Collins, James Franklin 11905  
Conant, Woodbury Page 11883  
Congdon, Joseph Whipple 81873-1875  
Cooper, Sarah Paxen (née Moore) 41875-1878  
Coulter, John Merle 51882-1901  
Courtis, William Munroe 51880 and n.d.   
Coville, Frederick Vernon 11900  
Cowles, S.N. 11876  
Crawford, Caroline M. 11892  
Crook, G.W.M. 11889  
Cunningham, Kate M. 1n.d.   
Curtiss, Allen Hiram111874-19013 mounted postcards1874-1878

Dame, Lorin Low21887, 1897
Darling, Nancy21906
Darlington, Howard21886
Davenport, Elizabeth Braxton (née Simpson) 171901-1906 and n.d.
Davis, W.M. 1 n.d.
Day, Mary Anna11901
Deane, Walter121884-1897
Dement, J.C. 11882
Demetrio, Carl Hermann 31897-1906
Dewey, Lyster Hoxie21897-1898
Dodge, Raynal [1]81892-1895
Dodge, Raynal [2]121896-1897
Druery, Charles Thomas 1 (copy) 1900
Dudley, William Russel 11881
Duidwiddir (?), Rob 11883
Dukes, W.C. 151904-1906

Eastman, Helen31904    
Eaton, Alvah August81898-1905    
Eaton, Daniel Cady [1]351873-1879    
Eaton, Daniel Cady [2] 311880-1896(?) [Eaton died June 30, 1895, but letter appears to be dated 1896] copies of 3 letters to and from Eaton18801 letter from Caroline K. Eatonn.d.
Edwards, William191873-1881 and n.d.3 mounted postcardsn.d.  
Eggleston, Willard Webster 21893    
Elliott, Arthur H. 21891    
Evans, Alexander William 11896    

Fairbanks, A.D. 11879  
Fairchild, David Grandison 31897-1898 and n.d.   
Farlow, William Gilson81898-1899 and n.d.   
Farwell, Oliver Atkins 11888  
Faxon, Charles Edward61887-1901 and n.d. 2 mounted postcards n.d.
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon 101896-1905  
Feriss, James Henry11903  
Fewkes, J. Walter1n.d.   
Fisher, Ellen S. 11879  
Fletcher, F.W. 11879  
Flett, John Bakkie11901  
Floyd, Frederick Gillan119011 herbarium label 
Foote, Albert Edward31877 and n.d.   
Francis, George E. 31877-1878 1 plant list 
Friese, M. 11876  
Frost, Charles Christopher1 mounted postcard1873  
Fuller, Julius R. 21883  
Fuller, Lucy Derby11901  
Furbish, Kate101875-1905 and n.d. 1 mounted postcardn.d.

Gallogh, William1 letter to J.G. Lemmon1881  
Garber, Abram paschal31877-18781 mounted postcard1878
Gerard, William Ruggles231880-1885 and n.d.   
Gibbons, William Peters41874-1876  
Gifford, I.S. (Mrs. Henry S.) 131878-1883 and n.d.   
Gilbert, Benjamin Davis [1]391880-1901  
Gilbert, Benjamin Davis [2]291902-1906 and n.d. several pages of loose notes 
Gillett, Edward21878, 1880  
Gillman, Henry101873-18751 mounted postcard1874
Grant, John Marshall31873-1874 and n.d.   
Grant, Margaret H1n.d.   
Graves, Charles Burr41896-1902  
Gray, Asa1 mounted postcard n.d.   
Green, Henry Albert21881  
Greene, Edward Lee21874-18751 mounted postcard1876
Greenman, Jesse More1896-1903   
Griffin, Delia Isabel 2 (1 incomplete) 1905-1906  
Guilford, A.B. 31875-18763 mounted postcards1876, 1878 and n.d.
Guttenberg, Gustavus [Gustav von] 11880  

Haines, T(?) Harvey11898  
Harger, A. 11878  
Harrington, Mark Walrod41873-18741 plant list 
Harwood, G.S. Mrs. 11906  
Haskins, C.C. 11876  
Hawes, C.A. 11904  
Hawley, Helen D. 81877-1879  
Hawthorne, B.J. 1 letter to J.G. Lemmon1881  
Hazen, Tracy Elliot11903  
Heacock, Edward R. 21905, 1907  
Herrpt (?), F.H. 11898  
Higginson, Storrow71871-1887 and n.d.   
Hinckley, A.J.(?) 11903  
Holden, Issac71887-1888  
Holland, J.W. 11884  
Holm, Theodor21900-1901  
Hooker, Joseph Dalton21878  
Horner, Charlotte Nichols (née Saunders) 91885-1905  
Horsford, Frederick Hinsdale11886  
Horton, Frances Belle191900-1905 and n.d.   
Hosmer, Abby P. (also Abbie) 11878  
Hosmer, Eliza (also Elisa) 211875-1877 and n.d. 7 mounted postcardsn.d.
Hosmer, Jane31874-1876  
Hotchkiss, Mary T. 11881  
Howell, Joseph91875-18962 mounted postcards1876 and n.d.
Howell, Thomas Jefferson41883-1895  
Hulst, George Duryee11885  
Humphrey, George W. 11876  
Huntington, John Warren21897  

Isaman, S. George31879-1882

Jackson, A.B. 11877  
Jackson, Robert Tracy11905  
Jellett, Edwin Costley11901  
Jenks, Charles William11902  
Jesup, Henry Griswold101875-1878  
Johnson, Charles F. 1n.d.   
Johnson, Joseph Ellis318754 mounted postcards1874-1876
Jones, Lewis Ralph11901  
Jones, Marcus Eugene51880-1907  
Joor, J.F. 4 mounted postcards1875-1876  

Keeler, Henry Dutton11874 
Kennedy, George Golding51888-1904 
Kimball, Laura Frances31900-1906 and n.d. 1 plant list
King, John D. 11883 
Klugh, Alfred Brooker21903, 1906 
Knight, Elizabeth Gertrude (later Mrs. Britton) 21884 
Knowles, Charles J.A. 21881 
Knox, E.C. 21879-1880 
Krauskopf, E.11878 

Lajos, Richter21876-1878  
Lawrence, Rosewell B. 11885  
Leggett, William Henry191873-1882 and n.d. 7 mounted postcards1875-1878
Lemmon, John Gill71873-18862 mounted postcards1874, 1877
LeRoy, Peter Vincent31876-18802 mounted postcards1877
Lesquereux, Charles Leo11873  
Lincoln, Agnes Wyman11897  
Lown, Clarence [1]321878-1880  
Lown, Clarence [2]231881-1886  
Lyon, Harold Lloyd11904  

McDonald, Francis Eugene21897   
McKay, Alexander Howard21876   
Macoun, John81874, 18971 mounted postcard1878 
Mair, J. 11872   
Mally, Clara L. 2 n.d.    
Manahan, Kirk11879   
Manning, Warren Henry21887, 1895   
Mansfield, I.F. 21881, 1883   
Martindale, Isaac Comly11883   
Maxon, William Ralph251897-1907   
Maxwell, Laura1n.d.    
Meehan, Thomas21883, 1895   
Menin(?), J. Warren171876-1882   
Merrell, A.H., Mrs. 11896   
Merrill, Joseph Warren1 mounted postcardn.d.    
Mertz, Henry Ney11879   
Metcalf, Rest E. 1n.d.    
Miller, Elihu Sanford318735 mounted postcards1873, 1878 and n.d. 
Miller, F.A.41873-1874   
Miller, Mary Farnham11901   
Millington, Lucy A. (née Bishop) 118781 mounted postcard n.d. 
Millspaugh, Charles Frederick141892-1899 and n.d.   
Minns, Susan11899   
Mirick, Nellie31897-1905   
Mohr, Charles Theodore81878-19011 mounted postcard1878 
Moody, Elizabeth Meads11902   
Moody, Henry L. 51878 and n.d. 1 mounted postcard n.d. 
Morong, Thomas31888   
Morse, Frances R. 11901   
Morss, Philip B. 11900   
Myers, Frances J. [1]451877-1883   
Myers, Frances J. [2]25 letters from Davenport1878-18802 sets of carbons of typescripts of these letterstypescripts of 2 other letters from Davenport to Myers1879

Nash, Frances11880
Nichols, H.P. 11878
Norton, Mary E.B. 21880
Noyes, Helen Maria11899

Orcutt, Charles Russell41884-19011 letter from Mrs. Orcutt1894
Owen, Maria Louisa (née Tallant) 71900-1905  

Packard, Alpheus Spring21878, 1882   
Paine, John Alsop2 mounted postcards1876   
Palmer, Edward51876-19001 sheet of field notes n.d. 
Parish, Samuel Bonsall151879-1901   
Parlin, John Crawford21898, 1907   
Parry, Charles Christopher81873-18845 mounted postcards1874-1877 
Patterson, Harry Norton21886, 1890   
Payser, W.A. 11907   
Pelton, Emily O. 231875-18823 mounted postcardsn.d. 
Perkins, Charles Edward11881   
Perkins, George Henry11873   
Peters, Thomas Minott41873-18764 mounted postcards1874, 1876 
Piper, S.M., Mrs. 361872-18871 mounted postcard1876 
Plimpton, F.S. 21890   
Pliven (?), Charles F. 1n.d.    
Porter, Thomas Conrad11890   
Powell, S.L. 11891   
Pratt, Henry M. 1 mounted postcardn.d.    
Pratt, Minot51872-18755 mounted postcards1873, 1877 and n.d. (in postcard files at the end of correspondence) 
Price, Sarah Frances (Sadie) 11896   
Prindle, Earle S. 11887   
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey [1]27 ( 1 incomplete) 1873-187618 labels6 mounted postcards1876-1877 and n.d.
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey [2]521877-1885   
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey [3]42 886-1891   
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey [4] 321892-1899   
Purdie, Henry Augustus11903   

Rand, Edward Lothrop81896-1898     
Rattan, Volney11889     
Ravenel, Henry William1 mounted postcard1878     
Redfield, John Howard371873-18901 mounted postcard1878   
Reverchon, Julien41879-18872 plant lists    
Reynolds, Mary Collins41879-1884     
Rich, William Penn11902     
Richard, D. 31872     
Richards, Josephine L. 41883-1896 and n.d.      
Richards, P.D. 11884     
Richardson, Charles E. 11902     
Richardson, E. 218781 mounted postcard18781897  
Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln141895-1905 and n.d. 2 letters to Robinson: 1 from Metropolitan Park Commission1 from Davenport2 mounted postcardsn.d.
Robinson, John [2]221878-1884 and n.d. 1 letter from John H. Choate to Robinson1879   
Roeh__, William1n.d.      
Rooney, Bridget M. 51905-1906     
Rose, Joseph Nelson151890-1900     
Ross, Ellen H. 11899     
Rous, Francis Peyton21896     
Rovirosa, Jose N. 11900 with partial translation     
Roy, Jessie D. 211873-18801 mounted postcardn.d.   
Roy, William41875-1879     
Rugg, Harold Goddard31906     
Ruggles, Byron P. 51886-18951 plant list    
Rusby, Henry Hurd11897     
Rust, Mary Olivia [1]211875-1877 and n.d. 5 mounted postcardsn.d.   
Rust Mary Olivia [2]221878-1883 typescript of letter to Rust from Davenport1884   

Sargent, Charles Sprague51881-1891   
Schneck, Jacob51880-1901   
Scribner, Frank Lamson21876-1877   
Seaton, Henry Eliason171884-1888   
Selous, Florence11891   
Seelye, Charles W. n.d.     
Seymour, Arthur Bliss21885, 1894   
Sattuck, Isabelle C. 11901   
Shockley, William Hillman51878-1879   
Slosson, Margaret [1]211896-1900 and n.d.    
Slosson, Margaret [2]191901 and n.d.    
Slosson, Margaret [3]91902-1907 and n.d.    
Smith, Charles L(?)11897   
Smith, Erwin Frink1 letter to Warren H. Manning1898   
Smith, John Donnell141878-18831 plant list1 mounted postcard1878
Smith, S. Isabelle11905   
Snow, Francis Huntington1 mounted postcard1875   
Spalding, 21873, 18781 mounted postcard1874 
Steele, Maria Olivia11886   
Stone, Leander Mrs. 11882   
Stout, Anna A.31882   
Stout, William (1)32 1878-1879   
Stout, William (2)41 1880-1882 annotated copy of Davenport North American Ferns list  
Suksdorf, Wilhelm Nikolaus111882-1895   

Terry, Emily (née Hitchcock) [1] 28 (2 incomplete)1904-1905
Terry, Emily (née Hitchcock) [2] 131906-1908
Thayer, H.C. 11884
Thompson, Jos. P.11895
Trelease, William31896-1900
Tucker, A.E. Mrs.11883

Underwood, Lucien Marcus [1]361878-1895 and n.d.1 mounted postcardn.d.
Underwood, Lucien Marcus [2]181896-1906  

Wallengren, Hans Thure Sigurd11883  
Ware, Robert Allison31906  
Warne, Henry A. 218774 mounted postcardsn.d.
Watt, David Allan Poe51874-1897 and n.d.   
Webster, Joseph Rowe11900  
Webster, Mary F. 11901  
Welcome, George H. 21889, 1892  
Wendte, William161900-1903 and n.d. 1 letter to Wendte from Davenport1901
Werner, William C. 11886  
Wheeler, Erastus S. 41878-18872 mounted postcards n.d.
White, Frank A. 51878-1880  
Whitner, J.N. 11874  
Wibbe, John Herman21878  
Wight, Alexander Este11905  
Willard, Charlotte A.11880  
Williams, Emile Francis11896  
Williamson, John [1]36 (2 incomplete)n.d.   
Williamson, John [2]271878-1879  
Williamson, John [3]311880-1884  
Williamson, John2 mounted postcards1878 and n.d.   
Wilmot, N.H.1 mounted postcard1877  
Wilson, James118961 mounted postcard1877
Wilson, William M. 31875-1876  
Wolcott, William E. 21892  
Wood, Alphonso11878  
Wood, George A. 11899  
Woodward, Mrs. 11876  
Woolson, Grace A. 131897-1906  
Woolson, M. 41872-1873  
Woolson and Co. 11881  
Wright, William Greenwood241879-1884 and n.d.   

Yates, Lorenzo Gordin71879-1889  
Yinnans, Julia11883  
Young, Maude Jeannie101876-18801 mounted postcardn.d.