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Charles Alfred Weatherby (1875-1949)
Papers: Container List

In some cases, items which belong together in a series cannot be housed together in the same box due to size or material disparities. This list functions as a key to the physical location of the items in this collection.

Small File Box
Series I, Folders 1-6
Series II, Folders 7-13A
Series III, Folders 14A-16, 25A and 25B
Series IV Folders 17-19
Series V, Folders 20-24
Series VI, Folders 26A-32
Series VII, Folders 33-35

Large File Box
Series X, Folders 36 - 40A
Series XI, Folders 42 - 48A
Series XII, Folders 49 - 54.1, and 41 & 41A
Series XIII, Folders 55 - 69A
Series XIV, Folders 70 - 94B

Flat Box 1
Series VIII, Items A-H
Series XVI, Items L - W
Series XVII, Items X - AC

Flat Box 2
Series XIII, Item BA
Series XVII, Items AD-AM
Series XVIII, Items AN, AO, AS, BB

Oversize Folder Box
Series XV, Items J and K
Series XVIII, Folders AP, AQ, AT, AU, AV, AW, AX, AY, AZ, BC, and BD

Scrapbook Box
Series IX, Item I Scrapbook


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