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Charles Alfred Weatherby (1875-1949)
Papers: Personal Materials

Series I: Youth
Series One consists of 6 folders covering ancestry, early childhood, boyhood, and early education prior to college, spanning the years before 1886 until 1893. Material is mostly in the form of family letters and photographs, as well as school exercise books, sketches, and informational manuscript notes from the biography.

CAW 1: Ancestry and Early Childhood, (before 1886)
3 pages typewritten, annotated manuscript for biography, 4 pages handwritten notes on ancestry, 1 copy of portrait of Weatherby's mother by George Baldwin, 8 handwritten pages of eulogy for Reverend Seth Atwood by Reverend Burrows.
CAW 2A: Early Childhood Papers, (before 1886)
3 pages annotated manuscript from the biography, 4 mounted and 1 loose childhood letters to CAW's father, letter from father.
CAW 2B: Early Childhood Photographs, (before 1890)
4 pages of 10 mounted and 2 loose photographs of CAW's grandfather, aunt, houses and stores owned by family, and 3 childhood photos.
CAW 3: Childhood, ca. 1886-1888
3 letters to Alfred from his father 1886-1888, photograph at age 14 and of a church he attended.
CAW 4: Early childhood & education, ca. 1889-1890
Letters CAW wrote to his aunt and parents 1889, 1 page typed annotated manuscript of biography, pencil drawing of boat, photograph of boy with trained calf 1890, pages from exercise book with pencil sketches inside.
CAW 5: Boyhood, ca. 1891
Letter and photo from his great grandmother ca. 1891, letter from mother ca.1891, 3 photos of vacations hotels in Minnesota.
CAW 6: Early youth summer 1893
Correspondence between CAW and his parents and some other relatives in summer 1893, some concerning the Chicago World's Fair.

Series II: College Years
Series Two contains 8 folders and covers Weatherby's education at Harvard from 1893 to 1898, discussing studies, school peers, Boston area, clubs, plays attended, talks given. Materials are in the form of correspondence, photographs, and printed memorabilia.

CAW 7: College years late 1893-1894
Letters to his mother and aunt, concerning college, his studies, grades, etc.
CAW 8: College years 1894-1898
Letters to his mother, concerning studies.
CAW 9: College years 1895-1897
Letters to mother and aunt concerning studies, a train ride, Boston weather, some school boys, etc., and a humorous poem.
CAW 10: College years, 1897
Letters to mother concerning graduation, missionaries, a Wendall play.
CAW 11: College years, (1897?)
Certificates and memorabilia- Shakespeare Club Dinner Menu and group photo, Sigma XI certificate, Epicurean Club group photos and certificate.
CAW 12: College years, 1897-1898
Letters to mother and aunt, concerning interest in wine, botany, sudden death of a friend, opera, and graduation photo.
CAW 13: Last year in college, ca. 1898
Letter from William Morrow, 5 typewritten poems, 2 photos of men and women on a picnic expedition in New Hampshire.
CAW 13A: Jowett Club talk, 1898
26-page handwritten lecture given to Jowett Club on 9 March 1898 on ancient classical literature and Elizabethan poetry.

Series III: Interim Years
Series Three has 5 folders and covers the years between college and work at the herbarium, from 1899 to 1921. It is mostly correspondence and biography manuscript concerning various topics including a sickness that is alluded to, a stay out West, a trip to Europe, meeting Una, poems, and reviews of plays and literature, etc.

CAW 14A (found no CAW 14): The long illness, 1899-1904
Correspondence between CAW and his friends and peers, much concerning a trip out West and homesickness for the East.
CAW 15: First work at Herbarium & European travel, ca. 1912
portrait ca. 1912, mostly correspondence from CAW to Una while abroad.
CAW 16: 11 Wells Ave., 1920
2 letters from Mr. Christensen of Copenhagen, 2 portraits of CAW, 1 portrait of an unidentified woman (Una?)
CAW 25A: Other bits of interest, 1899-1923
2 pgs bio manuscript, 3 poems, letters concerning literature and plays.
CAW 25B: Other bits of interest, ca. 1921
Letters concerning plays, music, etc., the World Wars.

Series IV: Early Herbarium Work
Series Four covers a span of almost ten years during which Weatherby worked at the Herbarium part-time while residing in East Hartford, CT, 1917 to 1923. Items include correspondence to Una, poems, and biography manuscript, concerning work and peers at the herbarium, and some professional liaisons.

CAW 17: Ten days a month, (after 1917)
4 letters from CAW to Una while working at the Herbarium in Cambridge, mentions working with Mr. Deane.
CAW 18: East Hartford, 1917-1925
Card with a limerick by CAW, a letter from H. Briesen concerning nomenclature for Aconitum Napellus, letter from E. Graves concerning a manuscript, letter from Fernald concerning summer trip to Nova Scotia, 3 letters from L.H. Bailey concerning fern specimens, manuscript sheet concerning exsiccatae, 3 letters from CAW regarding a letter printed in the Germantown Guide in Penn. falsely attributed to him, complaint correspondence with the Luke Horsfall shirt company, letters regarding the naming of Burmese plants and the Connecticut Botanical Society.
CAW 19: East Hartford, 1919-1923
2 poems, letter from Graves concerning nomenclature, 2 pages of manuscript from bio, letters to Una while traveling in U.S.

Series V: Full-time Herbarium Work
Series Five covers years 1933 to 1949, including a time in which Weatherby was employed full-time at the herbarium. Letters include those written to Una regarding work and peers; professional correspondence; correspondence with herbarium staffers about daily life at home after illness; biography manuscript pages, etc.

CAW 20A: Cambridge working years, 1933-1940
Letters to Una while traveling in U.S.; letters from Gray Herbarium staffers and other contemporaries, including Oakes Ames.
CAW 20B: More Herbarium, (ca. 1930's to 1940)
10 letters to Una from Herbarium discussing Charles Deam (Charlie), Robinson; recommendation letter for English teacher position; 2 pages manuscript for bio.
CAW 21: Cambridge, 1939-1941
3 pages of bio manuscript; professional correspondence concerning Fern Journal, memberships, a request to write an entry for Dictionary of American Biography, appointment to committees, letters to Charlie Deam and Jesse Smith.
CAW 22: Cambridge, 1941-1945
5 pages of bio manuscript; letters to Charlie Deam and Jesse Smith; amusing anecdote sent to a journalist.
CAW 23: Cambridge, 1945-1947
Letters to Charlie Deam and Jesse Smith about work in the Herbarium, daily life for the Weatherbys.
CAW 24: The last years, 1947-1949
Correspondence with Charlie Deam, Polunin, a music columnist for the Boston Herald, Brother Leon of Cuba, the Czeckoslovak Botanical Society.

Series VI: Personal Correspondence
Series Six covers two distinct periods of personal correspondence: European travel letters ca. 1910-1912, and letters to Una regarding the posthumous biography, ca. 1951.

CAW 26A: Letters re Biography, ca. 1951
Letters from personal friends, libraries, and research institutes thanking Una for sending a copy of the Weatherby biography.
CAW 26B: Letters re Biography, ca. 1951
More of same.
CAW 27A: Letters re Biography, ca. 1951
More of same, especially Harvard associates.
CAW 27B: Letters re Biography, ca. 1951
More of same.

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