Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic Botany





Series III. Correspondence, William G. Farlow, 1882-1919

Series IV. Correspondence and Materials, South America, 1904-1908


Ames, Edward Winslow, 1906
Autran, Eugene, ca. 1904-1906
Branner, J.C., 1905
Bruner, Lawrence, 1905
Champion, G.C., 1905
Deane, Walter, 1906
Dell?, W.H., n.d.
Dellardyce?, Constance, n.d.
Dominguez, J.A., 1905
family, unidentified, 1906
friend, unidentified, 1906
Horne, W. T., 1905
Humphreys, C.W., 1905
Jefferson, Mark S.W., 1905
letters of introduction, 1905
London & Brazilian Bank, 1906
misc. unidentified, ca. 1904-1906
Museo Nacional, Santiago-Chile, 1905
Neumann, Ricardo, 1908
Peltzer, Jorge, 1908
Pennington, Stuart, 1905
Rand, Edward L., 1906
Reeder, John Lewis, 1906
Rudge?, F.H.?, 1906
Seccion de Biologia Vegetal, 1905
Taussig, Edith Guild, 1906
Taussig, F.W., 1906
Thaxter, Byron (son?), 1906?
Thaxter, Mabel, 1906?
Thaxter, Mabel (telegrams), 1906
Townsend, Charles, 1906
Vargos, Moises, 1905
Willie, N., 1905

Diary, South American Diary, 1905-1906
Handbook, Pacific Steam Navigation Co., 1905
List, places visited in South America?, 1906?
List, vocabulary, 1905-1906?
Map, fold-up, Buenos Aires, 1905
Receipts, South America: hotel, misc., etc., 1905-1906
Vaccination certificate, 1905



Series V. Correspondence, Purchase of Specimen Collections, 1889-1891, 1920-1933

Botaniska Institutionen, Uppsala, 1922
Bucholtz Collection, 1921-1930
DeToni Collection, 1929-1931
Ellis, J.B., 1889-1891
Fink Herbarium Collection. 1927-1929
I. Franc Herbarium Collection, 1930
Limpricht Herbarium Collection, 1922-1924
J. McCurrach album of 150 sea mosses, 1933
Patouillard Collection, 1926-1927
Romell Herbarium Collection, 1927-1928
Royal Botanic Gardens, 1921-1922
Spegazzini Herbarium Collection, 1926-1930
Theissen Herbarium Collection, 1927-1928
Uhlworm Collection, 1920-1921
Von Hoehnel Herbarium, 1920-1922


Series VI. Correspondence and Notebooks, Farlow Herbarium, 1891-1901, 1908-1932


Arnold Arboretum re: Northwest China Lichen Specimens, 1931

Art Metal Construction Co., re: Herbarium cases, invoices and blueprints, 1922-1931
Eliot, Charles re: Thaxter appointment, 1891
Eliot, Charles, 1923-1924
Harvard Maintenance Office re: window gratings, 1930-1931
Harvard Personnel Office re: new wage forms, 1931
Haskins, Charles, re: Alden Speare, 1917
Holzinger, J.M., 1920
Hunnewell, F.W., Secretary to Corporation, re: thank you note for Bullard Collection, 1923
Lowell, A. Lawrence, re: W. Biffen, 1924
Lowell, A. Lawrence, re: Dodge appointment, 1924
Oregon Agricultural College, letter fragment re:instructor candidates Hemingway & Stuart, 1910
Piquet, A.P.D., 1914
Publicity Bureau, Boston, 1901
Smithsonian Institution re: foreign distribution of Memoirs of the Harvard Botanical Laboratories, 1908
Smithsonian Institution re: specimens of cryptogams, 1922
Smithsonian Institution re: specimens of insects, 1924
South African Museum re: specimen exchanges, 1922
Taylor, John L., re: Herbarium finances, 1929-1930
U.S.D.A., re: notice of examination, 1915
U.S.D.A., re: F. Stephani's drawings of Hepaticae, 1922
U.S.D.A. Library, re: incomplete run of publications, 1921
University of Maryland, request for publications list, 1927
University of Minnesota, re: specimen purchase, 1932

Notebooks, Laboulbeniales sent in exchange or otherwise to museums or correspondents, 19??-1931
Notebooks, Specimens sent out and received, 1915-1923


Series VII. General Correspondence, 1892-1932

Acknowledgments from recipients of Laboulbeniaceae, Part I, 1896-1897
Acknowledgments from recipients of Laboulbeniaceae, Part II, 1908-1909
Acknowledgments from recipients of "Monograph of Laboulbeniaceae, Part V, 1932
American Academy of Arts & Sciences re: membership, 1901
American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 1910-1930
ANNALS OF BOTANY during Thaxter's term as American Editor, 1904-1931
Auchinleck, Gilbert, 1912
Baker, C.F., n.d.
Biffen, R.H., 1909
Bommer, J.R., re: estate of R. Thaxter, 5-25- 1932
Bornet, Edouard, 1895-1896
Botanical Abstracts re: issue of bonds, 1923
Braun y Blanchard, 1908
British Mycological Society, card from, 1927
Bullard, Charles, re: brown prints of original drawings, 1919?
Carnegie Institute of Washington, re: publication of Memoir, 1907
Chatton, E.P.L., 1908
Clinton, Dr. G.P., letters to, 1923, 1929-1930 - 8 items [see also bound volumes]
Cocrayne, E.O., re: publishing estimate, 1908
Cook, W.R. I., 1908?
Columbia University, 1920
Connecticut Agricultural College, letter excerpt re: Dr. Thaxter, n.d.
Coulter, John M., 1905
de Wildeman, ??, 1897 - 1 item
Dodge, C.W. / Thaxter, re: Icones and Host Index, 1922-1930 - 29 items
Farlow, W.G., re: death of, 1919; and related issues, 1920, 1924, 1927-1928
Farlow Library, re: establishing and financing of, 1919-1926
Fauvel, M.C.A., letter draft, 1899
Fleischer, Dr. M., re: MF's painting of Javan rice fields, 1933
Glaser, George, 1909
Goebel, K.?, 1909


BOX 2 (continued)

Series VII. General Correspondence, 1892-1932 (continued)

re: Gypsy moth and brown tail moth fungus diseases, 1909-1910 [includes chronology prepared by D.H. Pfister]
Heliotype Printing Co., 1893-1894
Host Index, Harvard University Press, 1924-1931
re: illustration supplies, 1923-1929
re: international journals, purchasing of
Laboulbeniaceae slides to British Museum of Natural History, 1909
Laboulbeniales, handwritten copies of letters re:, ca. 1892-1894
letter fragment re: ?, n.d.
MacBride, Thomas H., 1911
Magnusson, A.H., re: specimens, 1927
maples leaves, letter fragment re:, 1903
MEMOIR plates, payment of, 1926
Monument L. Guignard subscription, 1931
Muller, Prof. T.?, 1908
Museo de Farmacologia, 1909 - 1 letter
CorreNational Academy of Science, election to, 1912 - 2 items
National Academy of Science, re: grant delays, 1928 - 1 letter
NATURE, re: current research, brief note on, 1931
New England Botanical Club, 1908
New York Engraving and Printing, 1894
Paoli, Guido, 1911
Patouillard, M., 1921 [here, Thaxter discusses his loneliness in the field of fungi....]
Peabody Museum, re: specimen charges, 1922
Picard, Francois, 1908
Porta, Antonio, 1911
[miscellaneous] printing firms re: American Academy MEMOIR, 1924-1931
Rea, Carlton, 1922
Rendle, A.B., 1909
Richards & Co., Ltd., re: microscope & accessories, 1894
Robinson-Greenman (departmental) matter, 1915
Rorer, James Birth?, 1913
Rostrup, Professor Ove, 1920
Saccardo, P.A.?, 1897, 1909
Schuh, R.E., re: Dr. King's cement formula, ca. 1930
Seaboard Rice Milling Co., re: Comet Natural Brown Rice, 1924
Smith, Mr., re: minute ants from Carolina, 1932
Smithsonian Institution re: foreign distribution of MEMOIR, 1931
Stahl, E., 1897
Sydow, P., 1920
Trinchieri, Giulio, 1908
unidentified letter (in French), 1898
unidentified letter (in German), 1914
unidentified letter (in Spanish?), 1922 Correspondence - U.S. Department of Agriculture, re: Nasutitermes Fletcheri, 1932
Weston paper, telegram re: return of paper to Washington, D.C., 1924
CWichmann, Heinrich, 1913


Series VIII. Personal, Publishing, and Research Files, 1886-1931

 Address and Reference Cards



Series VIII. Personal, Publishing, and Research Files, 1886-1931

Addresses, collection of, 1897-1926 Announcement of address of Sir Harry Johnsonton in Boston, 1908
Desk, materials from (notes, clippings, miscellaneous), n.d.
Ellis Index, North American fungi, n.d.
Faculty meeting materials, 1906
Farlow, W.G., biography of - 4 typed pages, "compliments of J.G. Farlow," n.d.
Farlow, W.G., Faculty Minute, Thaxter draft, 2 copies
Farlow Herbarium, ms. on history of, see published article in the Harvard Alumni Magazine, ca. 1920
Guard Mounts and Device Tool - SEE BOX 7
Harvard - Class of 1882 - Sixth Report of the Secretary, 1882-1907 - 1 book - SEE BOX 7
Harvard - notice of Farlow? appointment as Curator of the Cryptogamic Herbarium, April 2, 1919
Harvard - receipt for MEMOIRS OF THE BOSTON SOCIETY OF NATURAL HISTORY, Vol. IV, No. VI by Harvard College, 1888
Lecture Notes, ca. 1902-1916
"Lichenes in Insula Trinidad A. Professore R. Thaxter Collecti," by Edward A. Vainio, January 1923
List of text to Ellis for determination, n.d.
List of exsiccatae
List of fungi named by E.A. Burt, 1912-1913
Lists of host specimen, 19??
List of insects
List of locations for Laboulbeniales
Lists, Laboulbeniales, miscellaneous
List of plates prepared
List of rusts, determinations of J.C. Arthur, n.d.
Lists of slides, 1906? [South American?]
List of Thaxter publications, 1886-1905
List, type collections of species described by Farlow
Manuscript proof, Part V, MONOGRAPH OF THE LABOULBENIACEAE, 1931 Manuscript of legends and plates, Part V, "MONOGRAPH OF THE LABOULBENIACEAE," 1931
Mis-addressed Thaxter mail, ca. 1908-1915
Mycological Society of Exchange, flyer, n.d.
Note re: plate, page 434, n.d.
Notes re: content of Vol VI, n.d.
Notes, miscellaneous specimen, ca. 1900-1910 [bacteria, myxobacteria, myxomycetes]
Page plates, Laboulbeniaceae, Vols. XIV, XII, and V [miscellaneous numbers]
Printing data, Extireate Host Index?
Review clippings, miscellaneous, 1897-1909
Revue Generale de Botanique, flyer, 1920
Slides, identification of
Specimen label, 1908
Specimen notes, ca. 1905-1910 [Botany VI?]
Tracing, fungus from a letter
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Special Field Agent Certificate, July 11, 1905


BOX 3 (continued)

Series IX. Photographs, ca. 1889-1916

specimen, 1889 and ? [fungi & insects nfected by fungi]
fungi, n.d.
Laboulbeniales, ca. 1913-1916
Laboulbeniales from ??, n.d.
plate, photo of Midotis & Ionomidotis
photographic halftone plates of Thaxter, Mycologia, n.d.


Series X. Notebooks, ca. 1881-1931

address book
addresses of students, n.d.
appointment book & miscellaneous inserts, June 1906 to October 1906
Botany II, class notes & students' grades, 1891-1918
Botany II, mid-years exams, 1881-1921
Botany IV & VI, students' grades, 1892-1913
cryptogams collected by Thaxter in Florida, notes on, September 1897-1898
Entomophthora fungi, parasites of crustaceans & thalassamyces, notes on, n.d.



Series X. Notebooks, ca. 1881-1931 (continued)

Florida lichens, Riddle's list of Thaxter's, n.d.
fungi & algae, notes on, by Farlow & others on Thaxter's collections, 1898-1899?
Laboulbeniales, hosts of, ca. 1900-? - # 801-1335
Laboulbeniales, hosts of, 1901-1910 - # 1336-1904
Laboulbeniales, hosts of, 1910-1914 - # 1905-2532
Laboulbeniales, hosts of, 1914-1923 - # 2533-3202
Laboulbeniales, hosts of, 1924-1931 - # 3203-3759
Laboulbeniales, miscellaneous notes on, n.d.
Laboulbeniales, notes on, 1902-1927
Larva, descriptions of, 1883-1890
Natural History V, laboratory notes, n.d.
South American cryptogams collected by Thaxter, 1905-1906
Stigmatomyces, notes on, n.d.
Students' grades, record of, ca. 1892-1900
Thaxter collections from the West Indies, notes on by W.G. Farlow, 1912-1913
Thaxter's thesis, "Entomophthorae," notes related to, 1888
Thaxter's miscellaneous original drawings, with brief notes, 1886-1887 - SEE BOX 7


Series XI. Plates and Drawings, ca. 1892-1926

Plates of Myxobacteriaceae, 1892, 1897, 1904 (originals)
Plates, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1891 (originals)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1894 (original)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1895 [A and B]
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1896 [A and B]
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1897 (original)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1900 (original)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1903 [A and B]
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1905 (original)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, 1910 [A and B]
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, n.d. (original)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE?, n.d. (originals)
Plate, BOTANICAL GAZETTE, Wynnea Americana Thaxter, by L.C.C. rieger (original)
Plates, PROC. AMER. ACAD., 1922 (originals)
Plate, RHODORA, 1903 (original)
Drawings - camera outlines (co), Part V (V), Laboulbeniales (L), Plate I (I)
Drawings - co, V, L, II - LX
Drawings - co: Compsomyces orientalis
Drawings - co: Dioicomyces colombianus
Drawings - co: Ephuromyces laboulbenioides
Drawings - co: Hydrophilomyces (Misgomyces) floridianus
Drawings - co: Kainomyces alutellae
Drawings - co: Mimeomyces chilensis
Drawings - co: Zodiomyces rhizophorus & Zidiomyces subseriatus
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Cassidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Crioceridae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Cucujidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Curculionidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Diptera
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Elateridae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Endomychidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Erotylidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Hemiptera
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Heteroceridae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Leiodidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Scaphidiidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Staphylinidae
Drawings - co: new species of Laboulbenia on Tenebrionidae
Drawings - co: Laboulbenia: undescribed spp. of Chitonomyces
Drawings - co: Laboulbenia: undescribed spp. of Dimeromyces
Drawings - co: new or unillustrated species of Laboulbenia on arabidae
Drawings - co: new or unillustrated species of Laboulbenia on Chrysomelidae
Drawings - co: new or unillustrated secies of Laboulbenia on Gyrinidae



Series I. 70th Birthday Album, 1928

70th Birthday Album, August 28, 1928

Series II. Bound Correspondence, ca. 1880-1930



Series XI. Plates and Drawings, ca. 1892-1926 (continued)

Drawings, Oversize - co: New or peculiar zygomycetes. 3: Blakeslea - Bot. Gaz. 1914. 58: pl.26-29
Drawings, Oversize - co: On certain fungus-parasites of living insects. Bot. Gaz. 1914. 58: pl. 16-19.
Drawings, Oversize - co: Second note on certain peculiar fungus-parasites of living insects. Bot. Gaz. 69: pl.1-5
Drawings, Oversize - co: Revision of the endogonaceae. Proc. Amer. Acad. 1922. 57: pl.1-4.



Series XI. Plates and Drawings, ca. 1892-1926 (continued)

Drawings - co: plates of Laboulbeniales, Part III, 1917-1922 ?
Drawings - camera drawings, fungus parasites of living insects, 1918-1919
Drawings - camera drawings: drawings & notes of Chitonomyces, 1922
Drawings - Laboulbeniales, Rickia, Chitonomyces, & Dimeromyces, 1926
Drawings - dummy plate arrangements, Vol. VI, n.d.
Drawings - miscellaneous drawing & plate photos, n.d.
Drawings - drawing of Seschal? organs, Laboulbenia, n.d.
Drawings - pencil drawings, Isaria, n.d.
Drawings - study notes / preliminary drawings, n.d.
Drawings - loose plates, n.d. [found in book]
Drawings - drawings for plates [camera outlines], Monograph / Laboulbeniales?, n.d.
Drawings - drawing, Rhachomyces, n.d.
Drawings - camera drawings & notes, Laboulbeniales, n.d.
Drawings - drawings [camera outlines] for plates of Laboulbeniaceae, n.d.
Drawings - drawings [camera outlines], unidentified, n.d.
Drawings - drawings [camera lucida], Endogones, n.d.
Drawings - drawings & notes, miscellaneous, some identified, n.d.
Drawings - drawings by Dr. Moesz, ca. 1924?


Series XII. Materials about Thaxter, 1996

Exhibit - Kittery Naval and Historical Museum, 1996
Pfister, Donald - Postcard with photograph of Thaxter's headstone, 1996


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