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The archives contain a loose printed sheet of four pages which apparently was originally part of a bound work. A handwritten note on the first page says "Belonged to Targioni-Tozzetti." Each page and a note on the last page says "S. Targioni-Tozzetti." Each page of the sheet has six columns of plant names; in each column, genus names (capitals) are arranged alphabetically; under the genus names are species names (lower case), also arranged alphabetically. Species names are often followed by names of authors (italics) and names of horticultural varieties (italics). The plants named run from Crocus to Sutherlandia, with an emphasis on horticultural plants.

Assuming that the handwritten notes are accurate, this sheet probably belongs to q work by Antonio Targioni-Tozzetti (1712-1783); Ottaviano Targioni_Tozzetti (1755-1829), son of Giovanni; Antonio targioni-tozzetti (1785-1856), son of Ottaviano; and Adolfo Targioni-Tozzetti (1823-1902), son of Antonio and primarily a zoologist. Antonio's writings included works on horticultural topics. Two are in the Gray Herbarium Library.



Cenni storici sulla intoduzione di varie piante nell' agricoltura ed orticoltura toscana. Fireze, 1853. [Sei T 17.3]

Raccolta di fiori, frutti ed agrumi piu ricercati per l'odornamento dei giardinni, disegnati al naturale da vari artisti, illustrati e descritti. Fireze, 1825. [Fol. 127 T 17 AA]


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