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From scattered sources in the Herbarium, the following information can be deduced. F.C. Seymour is the son of Arthur Bliss Seymour, who was a professor of botany. He attended Harvard circa 1916-1917 and went on to become a minister. He married Marion Eunice Jones in 1921 and lived in North Amherst, Mass., for a number of years. During this time, he sold plants collected in western Massachusetts, Vermont, New England, Wisconsin and Nicaragua. He was appointed curator of the Pringle Herbarium of the University of Vermont in 1971. He started studying the plants of Martha's Vineyard when he was a student at Harvard and apparently continued his studies for many years.


Scope and Content:

The Seymour papers consist of a looseleaf notebook of about 150 leaves, typed, comprising an "Annotated List of the Vascular Plants of Martha'a Vineyard and Block Island compiled by Frank C. Seymour" There is a letter to Seymour from M.L. Fernald (1943) pasted in the back.

There is also a folder of letters from Seymour in the Semi-Historic files.



The notebook was probably given to the Gray Herbarium by Seymour at some point after the early 1940's.


Box Y


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Seymour, Frank Conkling


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