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Lewis David von Schweinitz was born in Bethlehem, PA., and studied in Germany in his youth. He concentrated on mycology, a field which he continued to study after returning to the U.S. and being appointed a minister in a Moravian settlement in Salem, N.C. He left Salem in 1821 to return to Bethlehem, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was the secular head of the Moravian Society.


Am Jour Sci 26 (1st series): 218
Bot Gaz (17-19)
Mycologia 6A: 223-245, 1977. Rogers, D.P. L.D. de Schweinitz
Early American Mycology


Scope and Content:

The von Schweinitz collection consists of "Index Phaenogamicae Herbarii" ( a catalog of the plants in von Schweinitz's handwriting and consists of 41 leaves. The sketch was written by Walter R. Johnson, who read it before the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, May 12, 1835. The copy was made by Eugene Abraham Rau and is dated December 1885; it is in longhand and appears to be some kind of spirit process duplicate. Accompanying the memoir is a letter from Rau to Asa Gray, dated Feb. 12, 1886.



The catalogue was given to George Thurber by John Torrey in 1856-1857. At some point it came into the possession of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, which gave it to the Gray Herbarium. The biographical memoir was given to the Gray Herbarium by Asa Gray.




Indexed in Main File under:
Schweinitz, Lewis David von
Rau, Eugene Abraham
Johnson, Walter R.


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