Library of the Gray Herbarium

Library of the Gray Herbarium



Biographical and Scope & Content Notes

Container Listing: (BOX AL - AN)

1. Listing of specimens of various genera in Gray herbarium, pp.1-21; Notes on European herbaria (Paris, Geneva, Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Kew), 1905, pp.22-23, 30-110, including notes on photographs.

2. Notes on European herbaria (Paris, Geneva, London), 1910, pp.[1-45]; Notes on Harvard College catalogue descriptions of botany courses, 1866-1872, pp.[47-53]; List of photographs, 1910, toward end of notebook, 15pp.

3. Notes on herbaria of New York Botanical Garden and U.S. National Museum, 1916, and on Arnold Arboretum, n.d., 17pp.

4. Notes on European herbaria (Paris, London, Geneva, Kew Berlin), 1927. [Looseleaf notebook, sections of notes were found inside covers but not held by rings, grouped on small clumps with paperclips.]

5. "Photographs taken on European trip on Bot. ? 1927, " about 100pp.; lists photos taken in European herbaria, 1927, 1928.

6. Notes on European herbaria (Paris, London, Kew), 1928, about 50pp.

Plant Notes:
Bound notebook containing "labels of plants collected in Newfoundland, during the summer of 1894 by B.L. Robinson and H. Schrenk"; 24 p. of pasted in labels, nos. 1-239. In plant box I, 31.5.

Ledger-style bound notebook containing list of plants of southern New Hampshire (n.d.), 24 pp., nos. 1-1033; list of plants of southern Vermont (n.D.), 5 pp., nos. 1-184. In Plant List Box I 31.5.

Typed list: " Plants of Hampshire Co., Mass., collected by B.L. Robinson, 1912, " 4 pp., nos.. 482-600. In Inactive Plant List File.


7. Legumnosae: several genera worked for fasc 3, Synoptical flora. Ms. notes in ink on Lupinus, Pithacollobium, Schrankia, Gymnocladus, Stylosanthes, Genista, Cytisus, Ulex, Spartium, Medicago, Melilotus, Amphicarpa, Missolia, Neptunia, Desmanthus, Calliandra, Leucaena, Tephrosia, Psoralea, Pickeringia, Thermopsis, Petalostemum, Dalea, Baptisia, Acacia, Cassia, Mimosa, Lysiloma, Albizzia, Prosopsis. Some are labeled "Done to Apr. 1900." The whole group probably dates ca. 1897-1900. Pencil notes on Lupinus on large sheets of paper were folded into initial sections of this manuscritp and are now stored separately in large folder labeled "7a".

8. Pflanzenreich: Proof underscored by Harms, 1905; typed drafts of Ophryosporus, Helogyne, Phania, Ageratell, Decachaeta, Trichocoronis, Oaxacania, Carphochaete, Eupatoriastrum, Piqueria; carbon of final copy; folder labeled "Copied ms" containing ms, pencil, ink drafts. A note surrounding whole set said:"continuation of this work was found not to be feasible until various preliminary revisions had been made working up Eupatoriums, Mikanias, etc. from special regions." Probably dates from 1905 and after.

9. Alomia for Pflanzenreich: 24pp., ms in pencil, dated Nov. 30, 1924, Note at beginning says:"This ms. started on Nov. 1924 but given up as not feasible at the time. B.L.R. 1935." Flora of Coco Island: notes for an unpublished work that seems to have been intended to extend Robinson's Flora of the Galapagos Islands (1902).

10. (Large folder) 6 letter to Robinson: 1 from Hermann Christ, May 16,1902; 1 from Alfred Cogniaux, Jan. 22, 1904; 2 from W.G. Farlow, Sept. 11,1903 and June 23,, 1908; 2 from Henry Pittier, July 30, 1902 and Sept. 26,1902. Hand drawn map of Cocos Island by Henry Pittier. Miscellaneous notes, in Robinson's hand, in pencil on 5 sheets of newsprint.

11. (small folder) Note stating that ms of H. Pittier on Cocos Island sent to him on May 9, 19100, at his request. Manuscript on Musci, Fungi and Lichens in W.G. Farlow's hand, 17pp., similar but not identical to those sections in Robinson's Flora of the Galapagos Islands.

12. (small folder) Loose notes on plants of Cocos Island; a section of a draft with pages numbered 0-20; notes that appear to be addenda to the draft. All in B.L. Robinson's hand.

13. (small folder) "Copied and dead ms. Cocos Isl." in B. L. Robinson's hand.

14. Paper read at American Academy inn winter of 1918-1919. Note says: "Not otherwise published and of no value except as including popular illustrations of practical value of plant classification.: 12pp., typed.

15. "Notes and fragments designed for publication but withheld (S Car & Va) (Mikania of S Am. Etc.)"

16. Eupatorium. Mexico-Panama. "Provisional list long virtually useless, but possibly may recall some names that might be overlooked." 11pp., typed.

17. "Important Memoranda etc. about Eupatorieae.: Includes memoranda of [David?] potter, 1 page; 6 photos of herbarium specimens with notes by S.F. Balke, 1925; list of Eupatoroids in Santiago Museum, in Ivan Johnston's handwriting, 1926; etc.

18. "Diels Eupatorieae of Ecuador. Sent to Diels May 24, 1935." ms, in pencil, 17pp.

19. "Eupatorieae - ms held over. " on E. tequendamense and E. bullescens, 7 pp., typed and handwritten. "Memoranda bout Macbride's photographs." "Comments on Macbride's Berlin photographs" [of Eupatorium specimens], 4 pp., ms.

20. "Eupatorium: Key to Central American Sp." 28 pp., mostly typed.

21. "Eupatorium: Key to Mexican Species." 25 pp., typed and ms.

22. Drafts of miscellaneous descriptions in folder labeled "To be typed" 9 pp. "Mikania of Brazil (preliminary key June 19, 1934), 5pp., ms. "Grounds for the Reduction of Kanimia." 12 pp., ms.

24. "The Stevias of Urauguay" and "Key to the Uruguayan Species of Stevia," 4pp. "Stevia: Key to Species in Brazil (unfinished)" 8 pp.

25. " A provisional Key to Stevia...prepared as an aid to study at foreign herbaria during the journey planned for the summer of 1927." Added note: " This key, drawn up very hurriedly and merely as an aid to further study, has in most of its distinctions been superseded by far more carefully drawn keys in my revisions of Stevias of Argent., Paraguay, N.Am., Columbia,Venez., Ecuad., Peru and Boliv. It should not be published under any circumstance. B. L. Robinson 12 Oct.1934." 34 typed pages with pencil annotations. bound in hard covers.

26. Folder containing correspondence and notes pertaining to corrections of Gray's Manual, 7th edition.

Letters are from the following people:

L. Andrew - 1909
B.F. Bush - 1908-1909
J.F. Collins - 1909
Nellie F. Flynn - 1909
H. A. Gleason - 1908
E.B. Harger - 1909
Roland M. Harper - 1908
A.S. Hitchcock - 1908
L.S. Hopkins - 1909
Ella L. Horr - 1909
Geo. G. Kennedy - 1908
J. C. Nelson - 1909
Arthur Stanley Pease - 1909
C. V. Peper - 1909
Rodney H. True - 1909
Karl M. Wiegand - 1909

27. Folder containing certificate of admission to Harvard (1884), certificates pertaining to his studies in Germany, notices of appointment and salary from Harvard, and letters announcing various memberships and awards. 34 items, arranged chronologically.

28. Packet of certificates, diplomas, etc. less than 16" x 20". Contains 12 items, 1878-1934, arranged chronologically, including certificate of graduation from public schools of Bloomington, Ill., and list of coursed taken in Germany.

29. Certificates, diplomas, etc. larger than 16" x 20" . Contains 6 items: certificate of Harvard B.A., 1887; two copies of certificate of doctoral degree, 1889; certificate of election as corporate member of Boston Society of Natural History, 1895; certificate of election as corresponding member of Massachusetts Horticultural Society; and certificate of election as corresponding member Institut Genevois, 1928.


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