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James Watson Robbins was born in Colebrook, Conn, in 1801 and was educated at Yale, receiving his bachelor's degree in 1822 and his M.D. in 1828. He spent most of his life in Uxbridge, Mass., where he practiced medicine. He was a serious amateur botanist who collected plants in New England, Virginia, Maryland and near Lake Superior. Toward the end of his life he concentrated on the study of "aquatic phaenogamous plants", especially Potamogeton.



Am J Sci III 17: 180


Scope and Content:

The Robbins papers consist of a small notebook labeled "Potamogetons of California." A sheet inserted in the notebook says "California Potamogetons for Mr. Sereno Watson, Cambridge with small book of unfinished descriptions." The notebook contains about 20 pages of descriptions.

There are also a couple letters from Robbins in the Historic Letters file.

See also Morong Papers.



The Robbins notebook was probably sent to Sereno Watson while the latter was working on Botany of California and probable remained at the Gray Herbarium with Watson's papers.




Indexed in main file under:
Robbins, James Watson
Watson, Sereno


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