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Edward Lothrop Rand was born on August 22, 1859. He was educated at Harvard and, while a student there, became involved in a group called the "Champlain Society," which spent summers on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. During the group's outings, Rand developed an interest in nature studies, especially botany. Rand graduated from Harvard in 1881 and received AM and LLB degrees from Harvard in 1884. He began an independent law practice in Boston in 1884 and made it his life's work. He continued to study the flora of Mt. Desert during his summer vacations, and he prepared several checklists of Mt. Desert plants with the help of John Howard Redfield, 1888-1891. In 1894, Rand and Redfield published a Flora of Mount Desert Island, Maine. Rand was also active in the New England Botanic Club, serving as its corresponding secretary for 25 years. He gave his herbarium to the NEBC in 1914. Rand married Anne M. Crozier on June 29, 1893. She died in 1921 and he died on Oct. 9, 1924.


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Scope and Content:

The Rand papers consist of letters to Rand concerning his Mt. Desert flora and manuscript materials pertaining to the Champlain Society and to the plants of Mt. Desert Island.

The letters include about 20 letters from John Howard Redfield to Rand, 1894-1895, and about 80 letters mostly to Rand (but a few to Redfield) from about 60 correspondents, mostly in 1894. They are arranged alphabetically by sender. It is likely that a group of the letters was lost at some time because there are no letters from people with last names beginning A - E. There were also a few reviews with the letters; these are now in a separate file.

The manuscript materials include two lists of Mt. Desert plants, roughly 75-80 pages each, and a number of smaller manuscripts pertaining to Mt. Desert plants; one set of materials pertaining to a celebration of the Champlain Society; 6 volumes of annual reports of the Champlain Society Botanical Department, 1880-1888; and an incomplete diary of the 1885 session of the Champlain Society.

See also: Gray Herbarium, Administrative Correspondence files -- about 350 letters from Rand Historic files -- 8 letters from Rand



The letters to Rand about the Mt. Desert flora were received at the Gray Herbarium from Rand's estate through Miss Margaret A. Rand. The provenance of the Mt. Desert and Champlain Society manuscripts is unknown; they were stored separately in the manuscript case.


Container Listing: (BOX W)

Folder 1: Letters from:

John H. Redfield to Rand, 1894-1895

Folder 2: Letters from:
W.G. Farlow
M.L. Fernald
Edwin Faxon
James Fowler
Kate Furbish
William F. Ganong
D.G. Gilman
G.L. Goodale
Jane L. Gray
R.W. Greenleaf
Bessie E. Johnston Gresham
Thos B. Gresham
C.M. Halden
A.A. Heller
Herbarium of Harvard University
Harriet S. Hill
Isaac Holden
J.D. Hooker
E.C. Howe
Herbert Jaques
Francis H. Johnson
Kansas Academy of Science
I. Kendall

Folder 3: Letters from :
A.E. Lawrence
______ Lea
E. Liverissey (?)
C.G. Lloyd
Conway Macmillan
Maine State College Library
Jennie M. Mason
Thomas Meehan
Mary Minot
Arthur H. Norton (?)
Maria L. Owen
F.P.L. (?) Peabody
Chas. H. Peck
Thos. C. Porter
Portland Society of Natural History
B.L. Robinson
John Robinson
J.F. Rothrock
C.S. Sargent
F. Lamson-Scribner
J.M. (?) Sears
Benj. H. Smith
John Donnell Smith
Geo. A. Somes
J.B. Thayer
Dexter Tiffany
C.W. Tornford (?)
Wm. Trelease
Lucien M. Underwood
Theodore G. White
John Wilson & Son
Mary L. Wilson
Clem(?) L. Wulley(?)
Wm. L. Worcester

Folder 4: miscellaneous reviews of Flora of Mt. Desert Island

Manuscript Materials:

1. "Plants of Mount Desert Island Maine / Working List. 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885, 1886 / Botanical Department. C[hamplain] S[ociety]"

2."Champlain Society. Flowering Plants of Mt. Desert Island Me. Compiled by Edward L. Rand. Botanical Department" -- roughly 75 pages, same arrangement as above

3. Folder labeled "Plants of Mt. Desert 1888" -- contains poems and a program for a birthday celebration for Harry Seaton Rand, 1888

4. Folder of loose materials:

List of plants -- Miss H. Hill; Mimeographed lists of Hepaticae, Mosses; List of plants -- Frank M. Day; Davenport ferns; Ranunculus; Redfield's lists

Supplementary List :

1888 Champlain Society Second Annual Supplement to the Preliminary List of the Phaenogams and Vascular Cryptogams of Mt. Desert Island Maine edited by Edward L. Rand. Cambridge, Mass. April 1890 miscellaneous notes.


5. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department. 1880. First Annual Report. Cambridge 1881." Handwritten report, bound in paper with brads, described as written by W.H. Dunbar and E.L. Rand. 71 pp.

6. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department. 1881. Second Annual Report. Cambridge 1882." Handwritten report bound in paper with brads; introductory poem by John McGaw Foster, one article by Henry C. Jones, and three articles and List of Plants by Edward L. Rand. 75 pp.

7. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department. 1882. Third Annual Report. Cambridge 1883." Handwritten report, bound in paper with brads; authorship of sectons not stated. 33 pp.

8. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department. 1883. Fourth Annual Report. Cambridge 1884." Handwritten report bound in paper with brads, signed at end as submitted by Rand. 44 pp.

9. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department for the years 1884, 1885, 1886. Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Annual Reports. Cambridge 1887." Handwritten report, bound in paper with brads, signed at end as submitted by Rand. 44 pp.

10. "Champlain Society. Report of the Botanical Department for 1887-1888. [Eighth & Ninth Annual Reports.] Cambridge, 1889." Handwritten report, bound in paper with staples; signed at end as submitted by Rand. 21 pp.

11. Notebook (bound with hard cover); contains 2 loose sheets of poems by Rand and sheet listing Endogens. Journal entries for August 5 and August 6, 1885 (beginning of Champlain Society camp for season).


Indexed in main file under:
Edward Lothrop Rand
John Howard Redfield
Champlain Society


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