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MuZoz Pizarro was born in Chile and studied agronomy at the University of Chile. He received two fellowships to study in the U.S.: the first at Harvard, 1938-1939, and the second at the U.S. National Herbarium, 1939-1940. He was Minister of Agriculture in Chile from 1940-?




Scope and Content:

The MuZoz Pizarro papers consist of a large typed manuscript and a bundle of loose sheets to go with it.

1. The manuscript is a bibliographic index to species describe by Rudol Amandus Philippi and Federico Philippi, for the flora of South America. It is a carbon copy, contains 382 legal sized pages, and is dated November 1948.

2. The bundle of loose sheets contains about 175 leaves. Most sheets are typed with some handwritten annotations; the handwriting seems to concern a single species and perhaps is meant to supply a species not included in the original manuscript.



The manuscript was sent by MuZoz Pizarro to the Gray Herbarium. Exactly what happened to it after reaching here is unclear.




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