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THOMAS PENNANT (1726-1798)


Background and Scope & Content

Thomas Pennant was born at Downing, Whiteford, Flintshire on June 14, 1726, and died in the same location on Dec. 16, 1798; he has been described as a zoologist, an antiquary, and a correspondent of Linnaeus. He wrote works on zoology and on travel in Great Britain, and he also planned ot publish a series of Outlines of the Globe. Of the latter, four volumes were published (two posthumously), consisting of descriptions of India, China and Japan and islands in their vicinity, with some references to plants. The fourth volume contained a Flora Indica, which is what concerns us here. The archives has a preliminary copy of the Flora Indica prepared by an amanuensis with changes in pencil in Pennant's hand. This manuscript is discussed in detail in an article by E.D. Merrill, q.v.


Desmond, Ray. Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists and Horticulturists.
Merrill, E.D. "An Overlooked Flora Indica." Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 29 (1948): 186-192.



The Pennant manuscript was purchased by the Arnold Arboretum in June, 1947, from a London dealer.


Container List: (BOX BG)
1. Bound manuscript, 10 1/2" x 15", 160 pp.


Indexed in main file under:
Pennant, Thomas
Flora Indica

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