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Arthur Stanley Pease was a classical scholar who was also an avid amateur botanist. Born in 1881, he received his AB, AM and PhD degrees in classics from Harvard in 1902, 1903 and 1905 respectively. He taught classics at Harvard from 1906-1909, at the University of Illinois from 1909-1924, and at Amherst College from 1924-1927. In 1927 he was appointed president of Amherst College. He resigned five years later and returned to teaching classics at Harvard, from 1932 to 1905.

Pease was an outstanding amateur field botanist and accompanied Merritt Lyndon Fernald on a number of his botanical expeditions, including 1904 to the GaspJ, 1920 to Nova Scotia, 1923 and 1933 to Mount Logan, and 1925 to northern Newfoundland. Pease's love of mountaineering led him to study the flora of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He published Vascular flora of Co`s County, New Hampshire in the Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History in 1924. He prepared a revised edition of this flora toward the end of his life, which was published by the New England Botanic Club under the title A flora of northern New Hampshire in 1964. He collaborated with Richard Evans Schultes on Generic Names of Orchids: their origin and meaning, published in 1963. Pease also published a number of botanical articles. All of these botanical works were in addition to his considerable publications on classical languages and literatures. He also published a book of reminiscences, Sequestered vales of life (1946), which includes anecdotes of his collecting trips. In 1912, Pease gave his herbarium of 12,000 sheets to the Gray Herbarium and the New England Botanic Club,a nd he continued to make regular gifts thereafter.

Pease married Henrietta Faxon in 1909, and they had one daughter, Henrietta.


American Men of Science, 8th ed;
Pamphlet material (including two articles by Fernald about Pease), Biog 2 P 32.


Scope and Content:

The Pease papers consist of botanical correspondence to Pease between 1901 and 1947. There are two major divisions to the collection:

I. Miscellaneous botanical correspondence, grouped by year, 1901-1947. There is a range of 0-23 letters per year, with a tendency toward greater quantities in more recent years. Letters are arranged chronologically throughout. About 400 letters total.

II. Botanical correspondence grouped by sender. The senders are: Albert LeRoy Andres (28 letters, 1903-1924), Rev. John Mallory Bates (25 letters, 1901-1924), Walter Deane (200 letters, 1901-1930), Merritt Lyndon Fernald (98 letters, 1900-1945), and Frances Laetitia Knowlton (24 letters, 1895-1913). Letters are arranged chronologically within each group. The letters from Fernald include information about plans for collecting trips in Canada. 371 letters total.

See also: Gray Herbarium, Administrative Correspondence files for letters from Pease Fernald papers -- notes from Collins-Fernald trip to the GaspJ, 1923, include copies of letters from Collins to Pease.



Pease gave his botanical correspondence to the Gray Herbarium in March, 1948.


Container Listing: (BOX P)


Folder 1
1901: Downs, Annie Sawyer, Goldsmith, Unity ?, Maxwell, Laura, Waters, C.E.
1902: Bishof, James N.
1903: Bissell, Charles H., Camp, R.C., Churchill, J.R., Eames, E.H., Harris, William
S., Jones, L.R., Kennedy, Geo. G., Rogers, Edna M., Sears, John N.
1904: Bissell, Charles H., Graves, Charles B., Kennedy, Geo. G., Lyman, Geo. R.,
Sears, John Henry, Wheeler, John A.
1905: Churchill, J.R., Collins, J. Franklin, Edmonson, T.W., Ware, Robert A.

Folder 2
1907: Bartlett, H.H., Eames, E.H., Emerton, J.H., Faxon, C.E., Floyd, F.G.,
Gutterson, Myron E., Hathaway, Charles A., Leavitt, R.G., Rand, Edward L.,
Rose, J.N.
1908: Collins, Frank S., Collins, J. Franklin, Eames, E.H. , Kerr, James E.,
Manning, Warren H.
1909: Bartlett, H.H., Churchill, J.R., Eames, E.H., Edmondson, T.W., Herriot, W.,
Seymour, A.B., Townsend, C.H.T., Williams, Emile F.

Folder 3

1910: Bartlett, H.H., Hitchcock, A.S.
1911: Edmondson, T.W.
1912: Knowlton, Clarence H., Robinson, B.L.
1913: Bartlett, H.H., Robinson, B.L.
1914: Bailey, L.H., Bartlett, H.H.
1915: Bartlett, H.H., Brainerd, Ezra, Churchill, J.R., Locke, Elsie
1916: Locke, Elsie, Weatherby, C.A.
1917: Faxon, C.E., Floyd, F.G., Gager, C. Stuart, Maxwell, Laura, Robinson, B.L.,
Robinson, John, St. John, Harold, Williams, Emile F.

Folder 4
1918: Croom ?, Edw. C., Eggleston, W.W., Hitchcock, A.S., Joyner, Frederick A.,
Nelson, J.C., Nichols, Geo. Elwood , Schneider, Camillo
1919: Hale, Ralph T., Nelson, J.C., St. John, Harold
1920: Brainerd, Ezra, St. John, Harold
1921: Allen, Glover, M., Arrhenius, Olof Wilhelm, Crosby, W.O., Lincoln, Edwin, Hale, St. John, Harold, Ware, Robert A.

Folder 5

1922: Bartlett, H.H., Burgess, Edward S., French, G.H., Jack, J.G., Lincoln, Edwin Hale, Raynor, T.G.
1923: Allen, Glover M., Ashe, W.W., Collins, J. Franklin , Crosby, W.O., Emerton, J.A., Floyd, Fred G., Hathaway, Charles A., Trelease, Wm., Wiegand, K.M.
1924: Allen, Glover M., Bartlett, H.H., Churchill, J.R., Collins, J.R., Evans, Alexander W., Floyd, Fred G., Goodrich, Nathaniel L., Hathaway, Charles A., Hitchcock, A.S., Kauffmann, R.M., Knowlton, Clarence H., Marie-Victorin, Fr., Robinson, B.L., Trelease, Wm., Ware, Robert A., Weatherby, C.A., Welch, Winona, Williams, Emile F.

Folder 6

1925: Bartlett, H.H., Dayton, William A., Griscom, Ludlow, Peattie, Donald C., Ware, Robert A.
1926: Ayres, Philip W., Burgess, Edward S., Hunnewell, F.W., Nichols, G.E., Smith, Lyman B., Stetson, Sarah P.
1927: Churchill, J.R. & Mary C., Gleason, Herbert W., Hitchcock, A.S., Trelease, Wm.
1928: Churchill, J.R. & Mary C., Hitchcock, A.S., Robinson, B.L., Tehon, Leo Roy
1929: Burns, George P. and Eggleston, Willard W., Griscom, Ludlow, Harris, Stuart K., Robinson, B.L., Rugg, Harold G., St. John, Harold, Schweinfurth, Charles, Sharp, Lester W., Trelease, Wm.

Folder 7
1930: Chivers, Arthur H., Eames, Edward W., Griscom, Ludlow, Hopkins, Milton, Trelease, Wm.
1931: Churchill, J.R., Hathaway, Charles A., Hopkins, Milton, Maxon, Wm. R., Osmund, A. Vincent ?, Sears, Fred C.
1932: Chase, Agnes, Eaton, Richard J., Hitchcock, A.S., Hopkins, Milton, Robinson, B.L., Seymour, A.B. & Mary E., Weatherby, C.A.

Folder 8

1933: Bean, Ralph , Churchill, Mary C., Goodale, Alfred S., Hitchcock, A.S., Hopkins, Milton, Knowlton, Clarence H., Lemmon, Robert S., Lewis, Frederic T., Wadmon, S.C.
1934: Raup, Hugh M., Weatherby, C.A.

Folder 9

1935: Bailey, L.H., Cheever, Austin W., Gutterson, Myron E., Hopkins, Milton, Jack, J.R., Knowlton, C.H., Ogden, Cecil, Stebbins, G. Ledyard, Jr., Ware, Charlotte Barrell ?, Westauf, Wm. H., Wetmore, Ralph H.
1936: Gustafson, Alton Herman, Harrison, Walter H., Hollock, William Allen, Hopkins, Milton , Hunnewell, F.W., St. John, Harold, Sargent, F.H., Smith, Lyman B., Taylor, Thos. M.C., Wherry, Edgar T.

Folder 10

1937: Bean, Ralph C., Fassett, N.C., Harrison, Walter H., Hathaway, Charles A., Hodgdon, A.R., Hopkins, Milton, St. John, Harold & Betty, Smith, Lyman B.
1938: Bullard, Charles, Goodale, A.S., Hopkins, Milton, Hunnewell, F.W., Knowlton, C.H., Lewis, Frederic T., Svenson, Henry K.

Folder 11

1939: Bullard, Charles, Egerton, Marvin Starr , Goodalde, Alfred S.
1940: Bullard, Charles, Edgerton, Marvin Starr, Goodale, A.S., H., S.K., Hodgdon, A.R., Hopkins, Milton, Knowlton, C.H., McGregor, Frank J., Smith, Lyman, Thomas, W. Stephen, White, Charles Ernest

Folder 12

1941: Bartlett, H.H., Bean, Ralph C., Bullard, Charles, Eaton, Richard J., H., S.K., Harrison, Walter H., Hodgdon, A.R., Hopkins, Milton, Knowlton, C.H., Vladykov, Vadim D., Weatherby, C.A., Woodley, Sam
1942: Bean, Ralph C., Bullard, Charles, Clark, Josephine F., Hathaway, Charles A., Hopkins, Milton, Merrill, E.D., St. John, Harold & Betty

Folder 13

1943: Hopkins, Milton, Weatherby, C.A.
1944: Goodale, Alfred S., Graustein, Jeannette E., Hopkins, Milton, Schweinfurth, Charles, Smith, A.C., Smith, Wendell P., Weatherby, C.A.

Folder 14

1945: Goodale, Alfred S., Hopkins, Elizabeth & Milton, Hunnewell, F.W., Smith, A.C., Stearns, Marjorie, Verdoorn, Frans, Zink, George
1946: Bean, Ralph C., Goodale, Alfred S., Knowlton, C.H., Merrill, E.D., Smith, A.C., Verdoorn, Frans
1947: Merrill, E.D.


Folder 14 Andrews, Albert LeRoy (1878-1961)

Folder 15 1903-1924, 28 letters - Bates, Rev. John Mallory (1846-1930)

Folder 16 1901-1924, 25 letters - Deane, Walter (1848-1930)

Folder 17 1901-1915, 38 letters

Folder 18 1916-1919, 46 letters

Folder 19 1920-1922, 58 letters

Folder 20 1923-1930, 58 letters - Fernald, Merritt Lyndon (1873-1950)

Folder 21 1900-1920, 43 letters

Folder 22 1921-1924, 21 letters

Folder 23 1925-1946, 30 letters - Knowlton, Francel Laetitia

Folder 24 1895-1913, 24 letters

Folder 25 Manuscript of a biographical article about Pease by Fernald, moved from Mrs. Dickinson's files, 11/81

Indexed in card file under:
Pease, Arthur Stanley
Andrews, Albert LeRoy
Bates, Rev. John Mallory
Deane, Walter
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon
Knowlton, Frances Laetitita (nJe Kent)


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