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Albert Hanford Moore was born in Zanesville, Ohio, on May 13,1883, and was educated at Harvard, receiving his A.B. in 1905 and his A.M. in 1906. He continued as a graduate student in botany until 1909, without earning a Ph.B. He did some bibliographic work at the Arnold Arboretum in 1909, and he seems to have had a brief botanical position with the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1909. In August, 1909, he left for Germany, where he expected to be Assistant Botanist in the Bureau of Plant Industry (USDA), Office of Taxonomic and Range Investigations, under W.F. Wight. He stayed there until 1914 or 1915. During that period he also wrote a few articles for Rhodora and worked with A.S. Pease on the flora of Coos County, N.H. In 1915 he returned to Cambridge and set up a photography and photostatic reproduction service at Harvard University Library. This apparently marks the end of his interest in botany. Signs of his waning botanical interests were his gift of this collection of letters in 1917; A.S. Peases's remark in the preface of his Flora of Coos County (published 1924) to the effect that Moore had collaborated actively in the early stages of the book but had "of late" been "prevented from participation"; and his offer of his herbarium to the Gray Herbarium in 1926. From then on, only sketchy biographical information has been found -- that he went to work for the United Fruit Co. and mover to Portsmouth, N.H. in 1932.


Barnhart, John Hendly. Biographical Notes Upon Botanists.
Albert Hanford Moore file in semi-historic letters, SH3


Scope and Content:

The Albert Hanford Moore papers consist of 128 letters, mainly to Moore, from 102 botanists, almost a third of whom are from outside the U.S. the letters fall within the years 1896-1916, with the bulk in the years 1906-1912. the letters were apparently selected as sample autograph letters, since no one botanist is represented by more than three letters. This selection process means that the collection is not a great source of information about Moore or his correspondents. Many of the letters are simply letters of acknowledgement for a list of Bermuda plants sent out by Moore around 1906. The letters were arranged alphabetically when they were given to the Gray Herbarium, and that order has been maintained.



The Moore papers were given to the Gray Herbarium by Moore on September 24,1917.


Container Listing:

The following gives name of correspondent and dates of letters.

Alcocer, Gabriel V., 1906
Atwell, Charles Beach, 1909
Autran, EugPne, 1906 - 1907
Bain, Samuel McCutcheon, 1908
Bartlett, Harley Harris, 1907 & 1909
Bates, John Mallery, 1902
Beccari, Odoardo, 1906
Benett, Arthur, 1906
Bissell, Charles Humphrey, 1906
Blankinship, Joseph William, 1896 & 1908
Bolus, Harry, 1906 and 1907
Brandegee, Townshend Stith, 1908
Bray, William l., 1908
Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1907
Brown, Stewardson, 1909
Burrill, Alfred Cummings, n.d.
Bush, Benjamin Franklin, 1906
Chapman, John Wight, 1906
Chase, (Mary) Agnes (nJe Merrill), 1906
Chivers, Arthur Houston, 1907
Chodat, Robert Hippolyte, 1906
Christ, Konrad Hermann Heinrich, 1906
Chrysler, Mintin Asbury, 1911
Churchill, Joseph Richmond, 1906
Cockayne, Leonard, 1907
Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison, 1906
Coker, William Chambers, 1908
Collins, James Franklin, 1906
Coulter, John Merle, 1907
Cratty, Robert Iven, 1906
Cushman, Joseph Augustin, 1908
Cuthbert, Alfred, 1911
Davenport, George Edward, 1906
Deam, Charles Clemon, 1906, 1910
Deane, Walter, 1906
Dudley, William Russel, n.d., 1906
DusJn, Per Karl Hjalmar, 1907
Eames, E H, 1905
Emerton, James Henry, n.d.
Engler, (Heinrich Gustav) Adolf, 1909
Evans, Alexander William, 1906 & 1907
Ewart, Alfred James, 1906 & 1907
Farlow, William Gilson, 1912
Faull, Joseph Horace, 1908
Fisher, George Lewis, 1914
Flahault, Charles Henri Marie, 1907
Fowler, James, 1908
Gager, Charles Stuart, 1912
Gallup, Alice Billings, 1906
Galpin, Ernest Edward, 1907
Ganong, William Francis, 1907
Gleason, Henry Allan, 1907
Goldsmith, William Gleason, 1906
Goodale, George Lincoln, n.d.
Graham, James Chandler, 1906
Greene, Edward Lee, 1906
Greenman, Jesse More, 1908
Harms, Hermann Qugust Theodo, 1907
Harper, Roland McMillan, 1906 & 1909
Harrison, Arthur Kenyon, 1907
H (?), 1907 (signature is missing)
Hochreutiner, BJnJdict Pierre Georges, 1907
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon, 1907
Jeffrey, Edward Charles, 1906
Jepson, Willis Linn, 1908
Jones, Wyatt Wagner, 1906 & 1907
King, Cyrus Ambrose, 1905
Knowlton, Clarence Hinckley, 1907
Kdkenthal, Georg, 1906
Kuntze, Carl Ernst Otto, Mrs., 1907
Macoun, James Melville, 1911
Maxwell(?), Laura, n.d.
Maiden, Joseph Henry, 1908
Moore, Spencer LeMarchant, 1914
Mottier, David Myers, 1908
Ostenfeld, Carl Emil Hansen, 1909
Pease, Arthur Stanley, 1906
Peck, Charles Horton, 1909
Philippi, Federrico (Friedrich Heinrich Eunom), 1907
Piers, Harry, 1909
Pilger, Robert Knud Friedrich, 1909
Plowman, Amon Benton, 1906 & 1911
Rand, Edward Lothrop, 1909
Reade, John Moore,1908
Rehder, Alfred, 1909
Reiche, Carlos Ferderico (Karl Friedrich), 1907
Rich, William Penn, 1906
Robinson, John, 1906
St. John, harold, 1916
Schaffner, John henry, 1908
Seymour, Arthur Bliss, 1907, 1914
Sinnott, Edmund Ware, n.d.
Smith, John Donnell, 1907
Starratt, S A, 1907
True, Rodney Howard, 1906
Urban, Ignatz, n.d.
Ware, Robert Allison, 1906 & 1907
Weatherby, Charles Alfred, 1911 & 1914
West, Augusta M., 1906
Williams, Emile Francis, 1909
Zacharias, Eduard, 1906 & 1907
Zahlbruckner, Alexander, n.d.


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