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SERIES II. Unbound Correspondence and Other Materials

SERIES III. Specimen lists and Other Materials, 1888-1927


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The numbers following the correspondent's name refer to the year(s) of correspondence. The last column identifies the university or organization used on the letterhead or within the body of the letter, or by city or country. An * indicates that Merrill correspondence is included.


CorrespondantDateOrganization and City Notes...
Adams, LeRoy 1925 Stanford University
Aigret, Charles 1906 Belgium (in French)
Almquist, Ernst 1906 Sweden (no lichens)
Allen, Glover 1906 Boston Society of Natural History (re: Sprague)
Andrews, Albert Leroy ? Cornell University (plant lists0
Baker, Charles Fuller 1904-05 Pomona College; Cuba (plant lists and specimens)
Bean, Ralph C. 1913 Clinton, Maine (Josselyn Society)
Bogue, Ernest Everett 1904-08 Michigan Agric.College, Forestry
Bogue, Myra V. 1908-09 Michigan (E.E.Bogue collection)
Bouly des Lesdain, M. 1908-25 Dunkirk (postcards, in French)
Brenckle, J.F.,M.D. 1907-09 North Dakota
Britton, Elizabeth G. 1913 New York Bot.Gardens (Bogue obit.)
Bullard, Charles 1913 Massachusetts
Buller, Arthur Henry ? Univ.of Manitoba (thanks for comments)
Burnham, Stuart Henry 1909-19 New York State Botanist (lichens)
Carr, C.M. 1904-06 Boston Horticultural Society
Carter, Maria E 1903 Boston Society of Natural History
Chamberlain, Edward B 1905-15 Josselyn Botanical Society*
Chrysler, Milton Asbury1912-25 Orono, Maine; Rutgers (mosses)
Churchward, Stanley H.1913University of Manitoba
Clements, Frederic E 1907 U.of Nebraska (letter to R.S.Gray)*
Cocks, Reginald S 1907 Louisiana Society of Naturalists
Coultier, John Merle 1914 U.of Chicago (questioning taxonomy)
Cummings, Clara E 1906 Wellsley College (Farlow's algae/fungi theory)*


CorrespondantDateOrganization and City Notes...
Davis, D.C. 1924-25 Field Museum, Chicago (Peruvian lichens)
Day, Mary A 1914 Gray Herbarium Librarian
Demetrio, C.H. 1906 Missouri (lichen lists)
Denniston, Rollin H 1924-26 U.of Wisconsin (lichen id.)
Dodge, Carrol William 1926 [Harvard University] (clarification of taxonomy)
Dutton, D. Lewis 1924-26 Brandon, Vermont (specimens, ids.)
Eckfeldt, John W 1909-14 Philadelphia (lichen exchange)
Eves, Bertha M 1914 Brooklyn Botanical Garden (payment)
Fellows, Dana W 1913-15 Josselyn Society (meetings)
Fernand, Merritt C 1913 Thomaston, Maine (Josselyn Society)
Fleischer, Max 1912 Sindanglaya, West Java - Eng/German
Flett, J. B. 1905-06 Tacoma, Washington (lichens sent)
Fisher, Albert K. 1926 U.S.D.A.,Botanical Survey (lichens)
Forbes, Charles N 1917-19 Honolulu (loan of specimens)
Foster, A.S 1906-14 Washington (specimens sent, lists)
Frye, Theodore C. 1905-15 Washington St.U.(books & papers)
Furbish, Kate 1915 Josselyn Society (meetings)
Gerritson, Walter 1905 Waltham, MA (lichen identification)
Gibson, Arthur 1913-14 Canadian Dept.of Agriculture
Grant, J.M. 1924-25 Washington State u.(lichen id.)
Gray, Fred W. 1923-26 West Virginia (list exchange)
Gray, R.S. 1907 Oakland, CA (theory discussions)
Green, H.A. 1904-08 North Carolina (lists, exchanges)
Grout, Abel Joel 1915 New York City (moss list)


CorrespondantDateOrganization and City Notes...
Hassis, Ferinand W. 1924 Ashville, NC (lichen id.)
Hadley, Sarah B. 1905 Canterbury, CT (lichen exchange)
Hasse, Herman Edward 1904-15 California (plant exchange)
Haynes, Caroline C. 1909-19 New York City (lab. advice)
Heblen, Thomas 1922 England (lichen id., advice)
Hedland, Theodor 1906 Switzerland - in German
Henderson, W.C. 1926 U.S.D.A. (payment for id. work)
Hervey, Alpheus Baker? Bath, Maine; Bermuda (exchanges, taxonomy, latinizing)
Hillman, Johannes 1924-25 Germany (specimen sales)
Howe, Reginald Heber 1905-13 Middlesex School (Farlow friend)
Hue, Abbe 1906 France - in French (no lichens)
Hulting, Johan 1906 Sweden - in Swedish
Jennings, Otto Emery 1913-15 Carnegie Museum, Ed.of Bryologist
Johnson, Charles W. 1914 Boston Soc.of Natural History (thanks for specimens)
Johnston, Ivan M 1919 Berkeley, CA (lichen, moss lists)
Kaiser, George B. 1918 Philadelphia (moss identification)
Kirk, George L. 1911 Vermont (request for lichens)
Kirkwood, Joseph E. 1924-25 U.of Montana (lichen id.)
Knight, H.E. 1915 Maine (social invitation)
Latham, Roy 1915 New York (specimen identification)
Lang, G. 1910 Sweden (plant exchange)
Leavitt, Alice S. 1906 Massachusetts (lichen id.)
Letteau, Georg 1912 Germany (plant & list exchanges)
Lindman, Carl 1907 Sweden (no list)
Lurvey, Samuel A. 1909 Southwest Harbor,ME (lichen id.)
Lynge, Bernt 1913-23 Norway (plant exchanges, Merrillii species, Farlow)*
McAtee, Waldo Lee 1926 U.S.D.A. (bills)
Macbride, Francis 1924 Field Museum, Chicago (lichen id.)
McSurly, Ell G. 1909 Miami U., Ohio (book purchase)
Magnusson, Adolf Hugo 1923-24 Sweden (plant lists & ids.)
Maiden, Joseph Henry 1906 Sydney, Australia (plant exchange)
Malte, M.O. 1924-27 Victoria Museum, Ottawa (request for return of lichens)
Marshall, Byron C. 1926 Arkansas (plant identification)
Maxon, William Ralph 1909-14 Smithsonian (Central American specimen identifications)
Merrill, Elmer Drew 1916 Manila, Philippines (lichen list)
Miller, Mary F. 1909 Washington,DC (lichen id.)
Millspaugh, Charles F. 1921 Field Museum, Chicago (lichen id.)
Moxley, George L. 1918 Los Angeles (lichen id.,lab advice)


CorrespondantDateOrganization and City Notes...
Nelson, Nelson Lawrence1915U. of Florida (plant exchange)
Nichols, George Elwood1919-24Yale Botany Lab.(specimen exchange, personal comments)
Norton, Arthur Herbert1907-26Portland Society of Natural History
Parrique, G. 1905-07France -in French (plant exchanges)
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey 1905-08Vermont (lichen id., sale of C.E. Cummings' estate)
Rapp, S. 1905-25Florida (plant & list exchanges)
(Du) Rietz, Gustav Einar1925-26Upsala Botanic Institute (plant exchanges)
Robbins, Charles A. 1923-26Onset, MA (plant identifications)
Sandatede, Heinrich1924-25Germany - some in German (exchanges, book purchases)
Saviez, Vsevolod Pavolic 1924-25Director of Leningrad Botanic Garden
Sbarbaro, Camileo1925Genoa,Italy -in French (exchanges)
Schallert, P.O. 1923Winston-Salem, NC (identification of South American lichens)
Schramm, Jacob Richard1921Botanical Society of New York (invitation to join)


CorrespondantDateOrganization and City Notes...
Sheldon, John Lewis1906-15West Virginia (lists & exchanges)
Skinner, S.A. 1907Redland, CA (exchanges & ids.)
Simmonds, Frederic W. 1906Texas Academy of Science, Austin (identification request)*
Smith, Annie Morrill1905-14The Bryologist (publishing problems, mentions Farlow)*
Standley, Paul C. 1913-26Smithsonian curator of plants (plant exchanges and identifications)
Stillinger, Charles Roy 1923Spokane, Washington

Swift, Lindsay1908Boston Public Library
Taylor, Norman1913Torrey Botanical Club (thank you for publishing a paper)
Tejada Aquirre, Rafael1913Guatemala - in Spanish

Thaxter, Roland1914-26Kittery, Maine; Harvard (thank you for lichens)
Underwood, Lucien Marcus ? New York (no lichens)

Wainio, Edward August1925U. of Finland - in Finnish
Wheldon, James Alfred1905Liverpool (list and specimens)
Whitney, Walter C. 1907-08Massachusetts attorney (concerning the estate of C.E.Cummings,)*
Zahlbruckner, Alexander1906Natural History Museum, Vienna - in German


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