Library of the Gray Herbarium

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Klatt was a German systematist who specialized in African plants. He lived in Hamburg.
[see Bulletin Herbier Boissier 5: 836-839 for more biographical background]


Scope and Content:

The Klatt papers consist of four items:

1. A notebook labeled "Descriptiones Compositarum novarum. Auctore Dr. F.W. Klatt." The notebook has about 26 leaves, with about 10 loose sheets inserted.

2. A four-page manuscript headed "Compositae" and stamped "Herbarium Dr. Klatt"; consists of Latin descriptions, possibly copied from Höhnel, L.v.: Zum Rudolph-See um Stephanie--See (1892). Anhang, page 861

3. A notebook labeled "Beschreibungen" and stamped "Herbarium Dr. Klatt." The notebook has about 45 leaves. "Peters, W.C.H. Naturwissenschaftliche Reise nach Mazambique" has been added in pencil to the cover.

4. Folder labeled "Beschreibungen" and stamped "Herbarium Dr. Klatt," containing about 225 leaves.



How these items were acquired by the Gray Herbarium is unknown, except that the third item above was labeled "bought."

Indexed in main file under Friedrich Wilhelm Klatt.


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