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Henry Griswold Jesup was educated at Yale, receiving his bachelor's degree in 1847 and his master's in 1850. After Yale, he studied at Union Theological Seminary in New York and went into the ministry. In 1877 he became a professor of botany at Dartmouth College, a position he held until 1899, when he was made an emeritus professor.

Jesup concentrated on the local flora of Amherst, Mass. and Hanover, N.H. He published a Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Higher Cryptogams found within Thirty Miles of Hanover, N.H. in 1891.



__________. Henry Griswold Jesup (obituary). Rhodora 5: 191.
Who was Who in America, 1897-1942.


Scope and Content:

The Jesup papers consist of two scrapbooks of letters to Jesup from botanists. The first volume (blue) contains letters from 1859-1876, arranged in chronological order. At the back of the volume is an index to names. The second volume (red) contains letters from 1873-1880) but is not so clearly arranged. The first part of the volume appears to be in reverse chronological order, although sometimes letters are clumped by sender, and the doesn't appear to be in any particular order. The first volume contains about 80 letters and the second contains about 30 letters.

See also: Administrative Correspondence files, including Historic Letters File for letters from Jesup.



The blue volume "was received by the Harvard College Library in 1918 as a part of the library of Evart J. Wendell." The red volume is labeled "received Nov. 8, 1926. Transferred from Harvard College Library."


Container Listing:

Blue volume--1859-1876; letters from:

A-B: Coe F. Austin (2), Henry H. Babcock (2), M.S. Bebb (8), E. Bicknell (2), Thomas D. Biscoe

C-E: Wm. M. Canby (5), A.W. Chapman, W.S. Clark (2), A. H. Curtiss (2), D.C. Eaton (6), Wm. Edwards, G. Engelmann

F-H: Chas. C. Frost, E. Hall, C.H. Hitchcock, Edwin Hunt (2), John Hussey

L-M: L. Lesquereux, Wm. H. Leggett, John Macoun (8), S.B. Mead, Thos. Meehan, A.P. Morgan

O-R: Stephen T. Olney, Maria L. Owen, Thos. C. Porter, John H. Redfield (2)

S-Z: W.S. Sullivant, Geo. Vasey, R.H. Ward, Sereno Watson (3)


Red volume -- 1873-1895;letters from:

A-C: Henry H. Babcock, M.S. Bebb (7), S.N. Chamberlin, J.W. Congdon, A.H. Curtiss

D-L: Geo. E. Davenport (with sketches) 2, Susan M. Hallowell, G.W. Hubbard,

M-P: John Macoun, E. S. Miller, Thomas Morong, C. G. Pringle (3)

S-Z: C.S. Sargent, F. Lamson-Scribner, Howard Shriver, Edw. Tuckerman (3), S. W[atson?]

Indexed in main file under:
Henry Griswold Jesup
Michael Schuck Bebb 1833-1895
John Macoun 1831-1920


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