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Miquel Domingo Fuertes Lorén was born in Daroca, in the province of Zaragoza, Spain, on August 4, 1871. At the age of 24, after studying philosophy and theology, he became a priest. His career took him over a large part of South America. He served as a priest in Argentina, visited Brazil and Uruguay, administered a professorship in Peru, carried out mineralogical investigaitons in the Andes, and then took charge of the parish of Barahona, Santo Domingo, on July 27, 1909. In December, 1909, he met Hans von Türckheim, who had come to Santo Domingo to collect plants at the urging of Ignazt Urban. Fuertes helped von Türckheim in his botanical collecting and continued the work begun by the latter after a leg injury forced von Türckheim to return to Germany at the end of 1910. In 1911 and the spring of 1912, Fuertes continued exploring the coastal areas south and west of Barahona; in June, July and August 1912, he explored the island's central mountains, the area Urban had originally hoped von Türckheim would explore. His collections were described in Urban's Symbolae Antillanae. Fuertes died in 1926 in Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic.



Urban, Ignatius. Symbolae Antillanae .... Vol. 7, Fascicle 4 (1913): 482-483.
Knunker, A. "Hans Freiherr von Türckheim." Gartenflora 70: 19-22.


Scope and Content:

The Fuertes papers consist of a small leather-bound notebook. The first 9 pages are a daily diary of a portion of the 1914 revolution (written in English). Most of the rest of the volume consists of miscellaneous memoranda about name and addresses, books, finances, etc., largely in Spanish. There are a few sketch maps of the southern Barahona peninsula and the Neyba valley. The greater part of the book is blank.



The notebook was salvaged by George H. Hamor after Fuertes' death and was given to Richard A. Howard for the Arnold Arboretum in 1961.


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Fuertes Lorén, Miquel Domingo (1871-1926)


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