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Edward W. Greenwood (1918-2002)

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Series List :

Series I: Correspondence (1970-2001)

The Correspondence series consists of letters, cards, postcards and faxes. Correspondence pertains to EWG's contribution to Flora of North America on the genus Govenia, identification of specimens, taxonomy, herbarium specimen requests and descriptions, seed requests, propagation, and cultivation.

Sub-series 1: General Correspondence

The general correspondence series contains EWG's correspondence to institutions, companies, herbaria, and individuals. The correspondence is arranged chronologically and contains many of EWG's responses.

Sub-series 2: AMO Correspondence

This sub-series consists of correspondence between EWG and the Herbario de la Asociación Mexicana de Orquideología, AMO. The correspondence pertains to publications, editing of Orquidea (Mex.), and the activities of AMO and AMO's associates. The members of AMO, with whom EWG corresponded, are: Gerardo Salazar, Miguel Angel Soto, Eric Hágsater, Octavio Suarez, Nora Espondo, and Luis Sánchez.

Sub-series 3: Correspondence from Files

The Correspondence from Files sub-series is made up of photocopies of EWG's correspondence, pulled from the files in Series III. The original letters remain within Series III, Files. The sub-series is divided into two parts: Correspondence to EWG; and Correspondence from EWG. Correspondence to EWG is arranged alphabetically by sender. Correspondence from EWG is arranged alphabetically by recipient.

*See Correspondence List for the complete listing of correspondence.

**Personal correspondence is found in Series V: Personal Materials.

Series II: Field Notes (1961-1991)

There are 21 total field journals arranged chronologically. Twelve journals are originals and cover the dates 1961-1975. The remaining nine journals are photocopies and cover the dates 1976-1991. The journals contain notes made by EWG while on collecting trips in Mexico, Canada, and Greece.

Series III: Files

There are over 1200 files arranged alphabetically by genus and then by species. The files contain (and have been arranged in the following order to give the files consistency): correspondence* (original and carbon copies), manuscript drafts, notes, lists (bibliographies, synonymy and illustrations), articles and descriptions (reprints and copies), drawings (originals by EWG and copies), copies of herbarium specimens, pressed specimens, photographs, and slides.

*For ease of use and access, correspondence within the files has been pulled and photocopied. These photocopies are found in Series I, Correspondence. The originals are still located within the files.

Series IV: Photographic Images

There are over 2500 slides and over 300 stereoscopic images in this series. About 1500 of the slides are labeled. Only a small number of the stereoscopic images are labeled.

Sub-series 1: Plant Studies

These are slides of plants and plant parts taken by EWG. For a list of the plant species, click here.

Sub-series 2: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Literature, illustrations, Herbarium specimens,

These slides are arranged alphabetically by genus and species. They contain images of original plant descriptions, illustrations and type specimens held at Kew.

Sub-series 3: Herbarium Specimens

These slides contain images of herbaria specimens from the New York Botanic Garden (NY) and Muséum National d'Histoire, Paris, France (P). The slides are arranged by herbarium.

Sub-series 4: Gardens, Travels, and Landscapes

This sub-series contains slides of Cambridge Botanical Garden, 1957; Kensington Gardens 1957 and; Jardin Botanico UNAM, 1966. Also included are EWG's travels to the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Spain. There are images of statues and carvings at Parque la Venta Villahermosa (1966). The landscapes are of England and Canada and includes orchid habitats of Canada.

Sub-series 5: Stereo slides

The stereo slides are mostly of EWG's travels to Ireland (1970), Canada (1971), Morocco (1972), Vienna (1973), England (1973), and Rhodes (1973).

Series V: Personal Materials

This series consists of cards, letters, and newspaper clippings not relating to orchids.

Series VI: Miscellaneous Materials

This series includes unidentified notes, lists, and drawings, articles, one manuscript, fragrant orchids slides, IAPT information, and a manual. *See the Container List for a detailed lisiting of contents.

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