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Edward W. Greenwood (1918-2002)

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Bibliography of E. W. Greenwood

Greenwood, E.W. 1962. Occurrences of the orchid Listera australis in the vicinity of Quebec City. Canadian Field-Naturalist 76(4): 199-202.

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Greenwood, E.W. Mexican terrestrial orchids. Pages 81-86 and 44-45 (photographs) in North American terrestrial orchids. Edited by E. H. Plaxton. Michigan Orchid Society, Livonia.

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Greenwood, E.W. 1990. Govenia bella in Icones orchidacearum Fascicle 1. Orchids of Mexico Part 1. Edited by E. Hágsater and G.A. Salazar, Asociacion Mexicana de Orquideologia A.C.

Greenwood, E.W. 1991. The Florida Govenia. American Orchid Society Bulletin 60(9): 867-869.

Greenwood, E.W. 1992. Govenia lilaceae: description and neotypification of a much confused species. Orquidea (Mexico) 12(2): 155-168.

Greenwood, E.W. 1992. Govenia capitata Lindley, a central Mexican endemic. Orquidea (Mexico) 12(2): 169-177.

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Greenwood, E.W. 2002. Govenia. Pages 638-639 in Flora of North America north of Mexico. Volume 26. Edited by Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Oxford University Press, New York.

Tributes and Book Reviews

Greenwood, E.W. 1978. Glenn E. Pollard, a student of Mexican orchids. Orquidea (Mexico) 7(1): 3-10.

Greenwood, E.W. 1979. Glenn E. Pollard -a student of Mexican orchids. American Orchid Society Bulletin 48(1): 49-51.

Greenwood, E.W. 1980. Anne Hanes, first editor of T&L. Trail & Landscape 14(1): 2.

Greenwood, E.W. 1981. Guido Federico Joao Pabst, orchidologist. Orquidea (Mexico) 8(1): 93-96.

Greenwood, E.W. 1992. Dr. Louis O. Williams. Orquidea (Mexico) 12(2): 127-129.

Greenwood, E.W. 1964. [Book review] Cacti and other succulents by R. Ginns. Canadian Field-Naturalist 78(2): 121.

Greenwood, E.W. 1965. [Book review] Orchids of the Western Great Lakes Region by F.W. Chase Jr. Canadian Field-Naturalist 79(2): 149-150.

Greenwood, E.W. 1979. [Book review] Native orchids of North America north of Mexico by D.S. Correll. Orquidea (Mexico) 7(3): 262-264.

Greenwood, E.W. 1981. [Book review] Notes on the Brachypetalum group of Paphiopedilum by D.C. Erdmann. Orquidea (Mexico) 8(1): 104-106.

Greenwood, E.W. 1981. [Book review] Indian orchids: guide to identification and culture by U.C. Pradhan. Orquidea (Mexico) 8(1): 137-139.

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Greenwood, E.W. 1986. [Book review] Orchidaceae: Volume 16. Flora Novo-Galiciana by R. McVaugh. Orquidea (Mexico) 10(1): 206-212.

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