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Carroll William Dodge (1895-1988)
Papers, 1880-1990


Scope and Content Note:

The C.W. Dodge Papers (approximately 40 linear feet) contain correspondence (original and carbon copies), notes, memoranda, manuscripts, drafts, lists, receipts, lecture notes, teaching materials, dissertation notes, grants, memorabilia, financial records, notebooks, field diaries, collection lists, original drawings, illustrations, plates, and photographs relating to Dodge's worldwide research and identification of lichens and fungi. The bulk of the correspondence is primarily between Dodge and other botanists. Although not all of the correspondence (approximately 16 linear feet) has been dated, it ranges from approximately 1916 to 1990. Principal correspondents include:

Paul Hamilton Allen
Boston Mycological Club
British Mycological Society
Margaret B. Church
Albert W. Herre
Herbert S. Jackson
George T. Johnson
Alfred C. Kinsey
Casimir LeGallo
David Linder
George A. Llano
Manuel Mahu
Harry M. Miller, Jr.
C.V. Morton
Mycological Society of America
New England Botanical Club
Harold E. Parks
Fred J. Seaver
Roland Thaxter
Frans Verdoorn
Sanford M. Zeller

Additional to the Dodge Papers, and stored separately, is a shelflist to the Dodge books, and the Dodge taxonomic files.


Series Descriptions:

There are ten series:

I. Personal Papers
II. Course Work and Teaching Materials
III. General Correspondence
IV. Lichen Manuscripts
V. Fungi Manuscripts
VI. Miscellaneous Papers
VII. Lichen and Fungi Notebooks, Lists, and Diaries
VIII. Photographs and Plates
IX. Card File
X. Collecting gear

Series I. Personal Papers, 1916-1988.
Contains correspondence, notes, memoranda, student exams, dissertation notes, grants, photographs, memorabilia, financial records, lists, and notebooks relating to Dodge's personal life, his professorships at Brown, Harvard, Washington, and Vermont Universities, and his botanical research.

Series II. Course Work and Teaching Materials, 1920-1950?.
Contains lecture notes and teaching materials, notes, and notebooks relating to Dodge's lectures and class assignments.

Series III. General Correspondence, 1916-1990
Contains correspondence relating to Dodge's mycological research.

Series IV. Lichen Manuscripts., n.d.
Contains manuscripts relating to Dodge's research and identification of lichens. The bulk of the papers are of Antarctic, South American, and New Zealand lichens.

Series V. Fungi Manuscripts., n.d.
Contains manuscripts relating to Dodge's research and identification of fungi.

Series VI. Miscellaneous Papers, n.d.
Contains correspondence, lists, manuscripts, papers, plates, and glossary relating to Dodge's various research interests.

Series VII. Lichen and Fungi Notebooks, Lists, and Diaries
Contains field diaries, notebooks, and lists relating to Dodge's expeditions, research and identification of lichens and fungi, and research into medical mycology--including diseases of livestock.

Series VIII. Photographs and Plates, 1890-1938?
Contains photographs [perhaps purchased] of St. Louis and the Missouri Botanical Garden, and plates relating to publication of the Dodge and Baker work re: the second Byrd Antarctic expedition.

Series IX. Card File, n.d.

Series X. Collecting gear, n.d.
This series contains Dodge's vasculum, collecting belt, jard and vials, as well as various other tools used by Dodge when he was collecting in the field.

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