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Carroll William Dodge (1895-1988)
Papers, 1880-1990


Container List:


Series I. Personal Papers

Box 1

Antarctic Exploration - Clippings
Book Announcement - Comparative Morphology of Fungi
Brown Univeristy - Botany Exams, 1920; Dean's Office; President's Office; Registrar Correspondence
Centralblatt Reviews
C.W. Curtis and C.W. Dodge Correspondence, copies of, 1929-1930
M.A. Curtis and S.T. Olney Correspondence, 1847-1872, transcribed by C.W. Dodge
Diagrams of Marimba, Costa Rica, 1930
Dissertation Notes
Dodge, Bertha? - Invertase Studies, 1946?
Dodge Family Photographs
Harvard College Library
Harvard Medical School
Harvard University - Advisees; Arnold Arboretum; Bursar; Correspondence, 1921-1931; Cryptogamic Lab. Financial Memoranda; Dean of Summer School; Dept. of Botany; Faculty A & S, Standing Rules; Faculty Club; Milton Fund; President's Office; Purchasing Agent; Summer Session
Harvard University Press
Memoranda - School Year 1928-1929
Merchant's Trust/Dodge Trust
Misc. Handwriting Samples
Misc. Receipts, 1928-1930
Ms. Bio on Edward Angus Burt
D. Pfister Correspondence from B.S. Dodge, 1986, 1988
Photography Notes
Plant Disease Survey, 1942 (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)
Research Grant, 1939-1940 Intl. Cancer Research Foundation
Stamp Collection, 1930's
Student Course Work - Biochemical Methods and etc., 1917-1944 (see box 28)
Student Course Work - Lecture Notes (see box 28)
Student Course Work - Lecture Notes, Duggar-Phytopathology
Student Course Work, 1916? - Spermatophytes Taxonomy
Student Course Work - Unidentified Notes (see box 28)
Student Recommendations by C.W. Dodge
Supplies List for Gaspe
U.S. Income Tax Data, 1984
U.S. Income Tax Data, 1985
Washington University - Chancellor; Dean of Faculties; Examinations, Doctoral Preliminary; Final Examinations, Doctoral Degree, 1932-1950; Graduate School; Microbiology, Interdepartmental Comm.; Plant Path Exams, 1949, Botany 475; Plant Physiology, Report 6, Enzymes June 1916; Plant Physiology Lecture, 1915-1916


Series II. Course Work and Teaching Materials

Box 1

Laboratory Exercises - Bacteriology, ca. 1937
Lecture Notes - Bacteriology, Virology, and Medical Mycology; Bacteriophage, 1926; Industrial Fungi; Lichenology; Medical Mycology, 1935-1936; Micologia Medica; Mycology [Botany 445-446]; Mycology, Riddle, Botany 6, 1920 Notes of Fassett
Lecture Notes [A]
Lecture Notes [B]
Misc. Notes - Mycology
Misc. Notes - Theory and Use of the Microscope, Washington University A29-300
Misc. Notes - Unidentified
Seminar - Biology, 1920
Seminar - Notes, General Seminar, Outline of Historical Topics, 1920
Seminar - Outlines, Current [?]
Seminar - Shock, 1920
Notebook of Anna F. Faull - Botany 20B with Prof. Dodge, 1928
Notebook of Robin Milberry - [Lichens of India?]
Notebook of [Unidentified], 1929


Series III. General Correspondence

For a detailed list of correspondence please consult the C.W. Dodge finding aid at the Botany Libraries circulation desk.

Box 3 -Correspondence, A to BOU

Box 4 - Correspondence, BRA to CUR

Box 5 -Correspondence, CUR to EVA

Box 6 -Correspondence, FAB to GRU

Box 7 -Correspondence, GUA to HOU

Box 8 -Correspondence, HUB to KIZ

Box 9 -Correspondence, KJE to MAG

Box 10 -Correspondence, MAH to MOR

Box 11 -Correspondence, MOS to PEL

Box 12 -Correspondence, PEN to RUN

Box 13 -Correspondence, SAB to SOU

Box 14 -Correspondence, SPA to URR

Box 15 -Correspondence, VAC to ZSC

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