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Box P5
- Large diaries: in bound journals: Aug. 7, 1882- - Nov. 30, 1886; Apr. 7, 1887- Jan. 4, 1890; March 31, 1895- June, 1899.
- Large diaries: unbound journals, pages held together by brads within covers: July- December 1899; Jan.- June 1900-1907; Jan. 1908- Dec. 1910

Box P6
- Small diaries: 1908-1929, [Note: clippings which were inserted in these diaries have been placed in seperate folders.]
- Large diaries: unbound journals, pages held together by brads within covers: Jan.- Dec. 1910-1913; Jan. 1914-Oct. 1916; June 16- Sept. 29, 1917; June- Oct. 5, 1918; May 10-Sept. 19, 1919; May 18-Sept. 22, 1920; June 10- July 31, 1921

Box P7
- Large diaries: unbound journals, pages held together by brads within covers: Aug.1- Sept. 19, 1921; June 10- July 31, 1922; Aug.1- Sept. 28, 1922; June 9- July 31, 1923; Aug. 1- Sept. 4, 1923; June 9- July 31, 1924; Aug. 1- Sept. 23, 1924; June 6- July 31, 1925; Aug. 1- Sept. 15, 1925; June 8- Sept. 20, 1926; June 17- July 31, 1927; July 1- Sept. 16, 1928; June 22- Aug. 19, 1929

Other personal materials:
1. Letters sent to Deane on his 50th birthday: 2 letters from Edward L. Rand, 1 from George G. Kennedy, 7 made-up letters from dead botanists, card from E.L. Rand, E.F. Williams and B.L. Robinson, note by Walter Deane on day's events, 1 made-up letter for his 51st birthday

2. Notes pertaining to a funeral, possibly for one of Mrs. Deane's parents

3. Membership certificates in societies (American Forestry Assn., American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Geographical Society, AMerican Ornithologists' Union, Audubon Society, Cooper Ornithological Club, Federation of the Bird Clubs of New England, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, National Geographic Society, Nuttall Ornithological Club)

4. Items pertaining to financial matters such as banks and stocks

5. Letters pertaining to miscellaneous contributions and appeals

6. Bundle of large blank picture postcards, apparently sent by friends from various places; includes a series of picture of bridges sent by R.A. Ware




Photo of Prof. Fernald (?) and Dr. Kennedy (on metal)


533-566 (1908, Canton, Revere, hone and work)
593-612 (Randolph and Gorham, NH., Cambridge, Mass
note says nos. 603, 604, 605 given to Charles E. Larson)
613-633 (Cambridge, Mass., Shelburne, NH.)
635-661 (Shelburne, NH.; 652, 653, 654 given away)
666-697 (Shelburne and Bretton Wood, NH., Concord, Mass.)
810-828; 829-866; 867-900
901-931 (includes WD and hummingbird photo)

Box BB: Portrait albums
1. 30 photos and 1 engraving of botanists and their families

2. 28 photos of botanists and their families and a landscape scene. Folder containing 4 loose photos from album 2; 1 postcard; album title page.



Box P7
General notes and plant records:
7. Notebook labeled "Botanical Notes Deane 1882" -- inside labeled "my first botanical notes" -- chronological narrative of what he did and found on field trips

8. Notebook labeled "Botanical Notes 1881-1887 Deane" -- inside labeled "Record of plants analyzed - A list of Native of Naturalized Plants found by me" -- lists plants, locations and dates found

9. Notebook dated May 11, 1903 and described as "New England distribution by states of the plants: Polemoniaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, Lentibulariaceae, arobanchaceae, Bignoniaceae, martyniaceae, Aean?thaceae

10. Covers labeled "Notes on Botany, Birds, Weather and visits to Shelburne" and "Shelburne, NH. List of Plants collected from July 5, 1913 - Sept. 12, 1918" .

11. Notebook labeled "Grasses and Sedges sent to Rudolph Blaschka"-- brief list.

12. Notebook labeled "Catalogue of Grasses in the Department of Agriculture Reports for 1878 - 1879 - 1880 - 1881 and 1882 - 1883" .

13. Book labeled "Catalogue of Genera Herbarium of W. Deane" .

Manuscripts of articles and talks:
14. Papers relating to Euphorbia Clyparissias L. in fruit; copy of form letter sent out to gather information about specimens of Euphorbia Cyparissias, Jan. 29, 1910, and a number of postcards and letters in response to this letter. Postcards from various sources.

15. Fox berry / Swedish Lingon - Vaccinium Vitis Idaea -- collection of papers apparently given by Deane in 1918; contains circular on difference between Canadian foxberries and Swedish Lingon; .

Preliminary Lists of New England Plants
16. typed lists of Umbelliferae and Ericaceae in New England; ms list of Umbelliferae of New England, Coulter & Rose, 1900; ms list of specimens examined by WD

17. Letters relating to preliminary lists of New England plants, A-G

18. letters relating to preliminary lists of New England plants, H-W

19. Ms draft of sketch on phaenogamous or flowering plants that are only to be found in the vicinity of the sea, Aug. 15, 1886; list of plants; ms draft of talk on characteristic flowering plants of out sandy beaches given before Cambridge Plant Club, Feb. 3, 1908, 29 p.

20. Ms draft of talk on "Some characteristic plants of our Salt Marshes with additional notes"; given before Cambridge Plant Club, March 2, 1908.; ts draft of note on "Further Notes on changes in a salt marsh during reclamation," circa 1925.

20A. Ms draft of the first five pages of "Floral changes in a salt marsh during reclamation", with dated notes on plants observed.

21. Ms draft of talk called "A Prayer" read before the New England Botanical Club, Nov.4, 1898; Ms draft of notes on Eryerm (?) canadense.; ms list of desiderata; ms list of plants discussed at Cambridge Plant Club, April 19, 1909; rough ms notes for a talk at Boston Society of Natural History, n.d.

21A. Ms draft of a talk on "Our Native Ferns" given before the New England Botanical Club; ms craft on "Banding Hummingbirds,"; mimeographed "Bird Banding Notes,: April 15, 1925, USDA; and "Items of Interest," May 1, 1925, comm. of Mass. Dept. of Agr.



Box P8
Card index of preliminary work on the Flora of the Blue Hills, Middlesex Fells, etc.

22. Cards arranged alphabetically by plant name, A-Z; cards contain only names, which are typed or mimeographed or stamped on

23. Cards arranged alphabetically by plant names, A-Z; cards contain names and some handwritten annotations; note at front says: "all the Genera in this catalogue are in the Gray Man. except Lycopersicum ese(?). Petunia nyct., Triticum vulg." "Card catalogue of the Park Herb. W. Deane"

24. & 25. Cards arranged alphabetically by plant names, A-M and N-Z; cards contain names and handwritten annotations -- also typed or stamped notes pertaining to date of receipt of specimens and who from; notes are in handwriting of different collectors.

26. Preliminary list Metropolitan Reservations -- bound, mimeographed list of plants collected in metropolitan reservations; annotated by Warren H. Manning

27. Similar booklet to 26, with notes by Dr. C.W. Swan

28. Letters with the Blue Hills Flora, A-F

29. Letters with Blue Hills Flora, J-Perry

30. Letters with the Blue Hills Flora, Purdie - Z


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