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Walter Deane (1848-1930)


The main part of the collection was originally stored in folders labeled A-A, A-B, A-C, etc. Letters and autographs were arranged alphabetically in these folders and were mostly placed in paper cover sheets which were labeled to indicate name of the sender and often addressee, provenance, etc. In the process of sorting through the autograph letters, the original order was usually maintained, even though it seemed haphazard at times. In the listing below, autograph letters of a person to a single person are listed in chronological order, not the order in which they were found. The format used is: name of sender / name of recipient / specific date(s) of letter(s). If a person is represented by a brief tutograph rather than a letter, the word "autograph" follows his/her name. The names of the more common recipients of letters have been abbreviated as follows:

L. H. Bailey: LHB
W. W. Bailey: WWB
M. S. Bebb: Bebb
E. G. Britton: EGB
N. L. Britton: NLB
J. M. Coulter: JMC
George E. Davenport: GED
Walter Deane: WD
Asa Gray: AG
C. G. Lloyd: CGL
Benjamin Pickman Mann: BPM
Horace Mann: HM
Thomas Morong: TM
M. L. Owen: Owen
J. W. Robbins: JWR
J. N. Rose: Rose
Lester F. Ward: Ward
Sereno Watson: SW



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