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Cora Huidekoper Clarke (1851-1916)


Series I. Correspondence and Manuscript Material

Series Description:

Series I. Correspondence and Manuscript Material belongs to the Farlow Herbarium Archives. The majority of the correspondence consists of letters from Clarke to William Gilson Farlow between 1888 and 1915, and focuses on Clarke’s collecting activities, especially concerning moss and algae, as well as photographs and specimens that she sent to him. Other items include a group of ten letters to Clarke from Agnes Chase (Scientific Assistant at the United States Department of Agriculture), E.P. Felt (New York State Entomologist), and M. L. Fernald (Assistant Professor at the Gray Herbarium). The letters are mostly in reference to Clarke's work in preparing for her 1912 publication in Rhodora, "A Suggestion for Summer Observations." Included are comments regarding observation and identification of plants and galls, grasses, Clarke's donation of larvae specimens, possible new species, and publishing advice. There are also four manuscripts by Clarke, including "Mosses by the Way," written for an unnamed ladies outing club in the form of an instructional letter; included with the second manuscript is a list of mosses to mount for the club. In addition are various collecting notes and plant lists, a few drawings, and a clipping.

Container Listing:

Letters to William Gilson Farlow 1888-1915.

56 letters total. Contains approximately 10 pressed algae (sea moss) specimens embedded in the paper, and a handful of drawings.

Clipping from July 8, 1915 on Sea Moss.
Handwritten under the clipping is "Youth's Companion" (probably the journal that was the source of the clipping).

Letters of 1912. Ten typed and handwritten letters.
2 letters to and from M. L. Fernald, July and August 1912.
5 letters from Agnes Chase, June to September 1912.
3 letters from E.P. Felt, August 1912.

Manuscript copy of "Magnolia Seaweeds" by Cora H. Clarke.
Typed copy with both pen and pencil corrections. Approximately 54 pages.

Two manuscript copies of "Mosses by the Way" by Cora H. Clarke.
Typed copy with both pen and pencil corrections. Approximately 13 pages and 15 pages, respectively.

Notes on Lodicules.
Four pages including a literature review.

Lodicules drawings.
1 page containing 12 pen and ink drawings of Glyceria, Danthonia, Panicum, and other types of grasses and lodicules on them; original drawings for plate published with “A Suggestion for Summer Observations,” in Rhodora v.19, 1912.

Manuscript copy of "A Suggestion for Summer Observations," by Cora H. Clarke.
Typed copy with both pen and pencil corrections. 7 pages.

Notes on grasses.
Approximately 20 pages, mostly handwritten, regarding grasses and their collection.

Manuscript copy of "Common Grasses on Boston Common," by Cora H. Clarke.
Typed copy with both pen and pencil corrections. 2 pages.

    see Series II. Photographs


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