Vernon Ahmadjian (1930-)
Lichen Papers

Box 6-Series 3: Article Reprints

1950s Folder
A guide for the identification of algae occurring as lichen symbionts. (1958)
The fruticose and foliose lichens of Worcester County, Massachusetts. (1958)
A contribution toward lichen synthesis (1959)
Parasitic relationship between two culturally isolated and unrelated lichen components (1959)
1960s Folders
Folder 1
The lichen association (1960)
Some new and interesting species of Trebouxia, a genus of lichenized algae. (1960)
Lichens - Nature’s pioneers. (1961)
Studies on lichenized fungi (1961)
Production of biologically active compounds by isolated lichenized fungi. (1961)
Investigations on lichen synthesis. (1962)
Folder 2
The fungi of lichens. (1963)
Swedish lichens. (1963)
Further studies on lichenized fungi (1964) Lichens (1965)
Folder 3
Artificial reestablishment of the lichen Cladonia crisatella. (1966)
The effects of l-amino acids on the growth of two species of lichen fungi (1966)
Cultural and physiological aspects of the lichen symbiosis (1966)
Bio Science cover photograph (1966)
Strange Partnerships in Nature - Dresner, Simon (1966)
Folder 4
A guide to the algae occurring as lichen symbionts : isolation, culture, cultural physiology, and identification (1967)
Factors influencing the establishment of lichens in artificial culture. (1969)
1970s Folder
The culture and synthesis of Endocarpon pusillum and Staurothele clopima (1970)
The ultrastructure of lichens II (1971)
The ultrastructure of lichens IV (1971)
Qualitative Requirements and utilization of nutrients: Lichens (1977)
1980s Folders
Folder 1
Relationship between fungus and alga in the lichen Cladonia cristatella Tuck. (1981)
A Study of Trebouxia and Pseudotrebouxia isolates from different lichens (1981)
Algal/fungal symbioses. (1982)
The ultrastructure of Lichens VII (1983)
Folder 2
Artificial reestablishment of lichens IV (1985)
An ultrastructural Study of Lichenized and cultured nostoc photobionts ... (1986)
DNA and protoplast isolations for lichens and symbionts (1987)
Studies on the isolation and syntheseis of bionts of the cyanolichen Peltigera canina (1989)
Optimization of protoplast formation, regeneration, and viability ... (1989)
1990s Folder
Trebouxia jamesii and the question of Multinucleate cells in the lichen photbiont Trebouxia (1990)
What have synthetic lichens told us about real lichens (1990)
The Lichen photobiont – What can it tell us about lichen systematics? (1993)
Lichens are more important than you think (1995)
2000 Folder
Trebouxia: reflections on a perplexing and controversial lichen photobiont


Series 4: General Academic Material
4.1: Correspondence

Appley, Mortimer H., 1974-1983
Allen, Harry C., Jr., 1980-1982
Traina, Richard P., 1985-1990
Livdahl, Todd, 1990-1991
Berlowitz, Laurence, Feb-Aug 1982
Berry, Leonard, 1975-1985
Astolfi, Douglas M., Mar-Apr 1985
McGillin, Victoria A., Apr 1985
Kasperson, Roger

4.2: Department Development and Events (5 folders)

4.3: Academic Reviews & Salary Information (closed files)

4.4: Curriculum Vitae 1995 & 1996

Series 5: Professional Organizations and Meetings
5.1: International Lichenological Newsletter

Lichen Newsletter, General Information (2 folders)
Lichen Newsletter, Mailing Lists 1968-1974
Lichen Newsletter vol. 1, no. 1
Lichen Newsletter vol. 1, no. 2 (2 folders)
Lichen Newsletter vol. 1, no. 3
Lichen Newsletter vol. 2, no. 1(2 folders)
Lichen Newsletter vol. 2, no. 2 (2 folders)
Lichen Newsletter vol. 3, no. 1
Lichen Newsletter vol. 3, no. 2
Lichen Newsletter vol. 4, no. 1
Lichen Newsletter vol. 4, no. 2
Lichen Newsletter vol. 5, no. 1
Lichen Newsletter vol. 5, no. 2
Lichen Newsletter vol. 6, no. 1
Lichen Newsletter vol. 6, no. 2
Lichen Newsletter vol. 7
Lichen Newsletter vol. 8

5.2 Kyoto Symposium

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