Vernon Ahmadjian (1930-)
Lichen Papers

Box 5-Series 2.1: Photographs, Microphotographs, and Drawings

Scrapbook 1: "Micrographs and illustrations of natural and synthetic lichen and lichenologists"
Pages 1-4 Cladonia cristatella photos and SEM images, photo of Vernon at Farlow Herbarium circa 1958
Pages 5-8 Cladonia cristatella SEM images
Pages 9-12 Cladonia cristatella, Trebouxia erici, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, and Porpidia albocaerulescens SEM images
Pages 13-16 Cladonia cristatella, Trebouxia erici, Trebouxia gelatinosa, and Tierci SEM images
Pages 17-20 Cladonia cristatella, Trebouxia erici, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, Lecidea tumida, and Friedmannia israliensis SEM images
Pages 21-24 Cladonia cristatella, Trebouxia erici, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, Lecidea tumida, Stereocaulon ramulosumi, Dictyonema moorei, and Cladonia chlorophaes SEM images
Pages 25-28 Cladonia cristatella, Trebouxia gelatinosa, Trebouxia glomorata, Parmelia caperata, Lecidea albocaerolescens, Pseudotrebouxia usnea, Pseudoparmelia caperata, Acarospora fusacata, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, Friedmannia israliensis, and Usnea florida SEM images
Pages 29-32 Usnea strigosa, Lecidea metzleri, Cladonia bacillanis, Lecanora hagenii, Cladonia leporina, Lecidea albocaerolescens, Trebouxia potteri, Trebouxia impressa, Physcia stellaris, Ramalina sp., Buellia straminea, Cladonia subtenuis, Caloplaca cerina, Usnea filipendula, Lepraria sp., Stereocaulon sp., Lecidea fuscoatra, Stereocaulon saxatile, Schaereria tenebrosa, Chiodecton sanguineum, and Cladonia cristatella
Pages 33-36 Antarctic endolythic licen, Antarctic cryptoendolithic lichen, Usnea strigosa, Trebouxia erici, and Omphalodium arizonicum
Pages 37-40 Cladonia cristatella, Cladonia chlophara, Xantheria parietina, Rudi's camp Sutton, MA 9/22/67, meeting at Munster, Germany 1986, Worcester State College class 1986, Woods Hole 1979, International Botanical Congress 1975
Pages 41-44 Aino Henssen, Rolf Santesson, Peter James, Parmelia nudecta, Cladonia cristatella, Panmelia enteromorpha, Cladonia leporina, Duke field trip October 1987, and Cladonia coniocraea
Pages 45-48 Cladonia cristatella, Lecanora dispensa, Porpidia albocaerulescens
Pages 49-52 Cladonia cristatella, Porpidia albocaerulescens, Physcia stellanis, Lecanora dispensa, Stereocaulon pileatum, and Usnea strigosa
Pages 53-56 Trebouxia gelatinosa, Trebouxia erici, Cladonia cristatella, Lecidea crystallifera, and Aspicitia calcarea
Pages 57-60 Aspicitia calcarea, Xanthoria parietina, Omphala arizonica, Usnea strigosa, Endocarpon pusillum, Parmelia tinctorum, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, and Diploschistes scruposus
Pages 61-64 Cladonia cristatella,Parmelaria caperata, Parmelaria rudecta, Xanthoria parietina, Cetraria sepincola, Rhizocarpon geographicum, Baeomyces roseus, Stereocaulon tomentosa, Lobaria pulmonamia, Parmelia caperata, and Diploschistes scroposus
Pages 65-66 Cladonia cristatella, Stereocaulon pileatum, Lecanora conizaerides, Maronella larcinea, Rhizoplaca chrysoleuca, Ramalina complanata, and Simon Schwendener

Loose Photos (1 folder)
Mounted Photographs
Cover of Nature showing first laboratory lichen fruiting

Series 2.2: Laboratory Notes
[Two volumes in 12 folders]

Series 3: Publications

Lichens of Worcester County (1952)
Senior paper submitted by Vernon Ahmadjian and Samuel Braverman. Paper with some notes and Cladonia specimen (5 folders)

Taxonomy and Physiology of Lichen Algae and Problems of Lichen Synthesis. (1959)
Graduate School Thesis for Harvard University (5 folders)

Lichen Symbiosis (1967)
Initial Negotiations and Contract (2 folders)
Correspondence (12 folders)
Editorial Review (1 folder)
Sales and Royalties (1 folder)
Flowering Plants of Massachusetts (1979)
Proposals and Publishing Agreements (1 folder)
General Correspondence about the book (4 folders)
Reviews (1 folder)
Symbiosis: An Introduction (1986)
Contract (1 folder)
Copyright (1 folder)
Permissions to use Images (2 folders)
Notes and Forms regarding permissions to use illustrations (1 folder)
Correspondence with Oxford University Press (1 folder)
General Correspondence about the book (3 folders)
Reactions and Reviews (3 folders)
Lichen Symbiosis II (1993)
Outline, Subject Headings, and Structural Notes (1 folder)
Drafts (3 folders)
Correspondence (16 folders)
Book Announcements and Reviews (3 folders)
Royalties (2 folders)
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