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Economic Botany Ivory and Silver Collection


Drawer 1

One ivory carving of a banana 16cm long x 4.5 cm wide (with wooden rest) - Originally obtained in India, gift of Oakes Ames October, 1946 [Musa sapientum]
One ivory carving of a persimmon branch with 3 leaves and two fruit, 26cm in length- gift of Oakes Ames [Diospyros kaki] *Item housed within Amber Oversize Box 1
One ivory carving of a persimmon branch with no leaves and 1 fruit, 19 cm in length- gift of Oakes Ames [Diospyros kaki]
One ivory carving of a persimmon- gift of Oakes Ames [Diospyros kaki]
One ivory carving of an english walnut- Gift of Donald B. Hyde, March 1947 [Juglans regia] One ivory netsuke. Seated woman in orange kimono. 1 in.
One ivory netsuke. Kneeling man in green robe with fan. 1 in.
One ivory netsuke. Striding Buddah with large bag of scrolls. 2 in. height and 3 in. length

Sterling Silver
All items fashioned by Mary Walker of Bloomington, Illinois

Drawer 1

Pendant with 14k gold accent and cluster of small, clear, green stones, 4 inches long, undated.
Pendant in the shape of a maple seed pod holding a brown stone veined in white and red, 5 3/4 inches, undated.
Pin with pearl accents, 3 1/2 inches, dated 1967.
Pin with pearl and 14k gold accents, 3 inches, undated.
Two part sterling pendant, 4 inches, undated.
Pin with clear brown stone, 4 inches.
Pendant with green, blue, and yellow enamle, 6 inches.
Ring with a clear brown stone.
Gold ring with pearl and stone accents.


Drawer 1

Chinese porcelain snuff bottle, blue with red stopper.
Chinese light green jade snuff bottle, monkeys eating grapes. Stopper is broken.
Massachusetts Horticultural Society Medal. Presented to Botanical Museum, March 16, 1939.
Charm from the Port College of Liberal Arts, Boston.
Silver necklace with Torah charm.
Statuette, 5 inches high, gold tone. Figure is of a seated woman with ornamental headdress. She is holding two canisters. Headdress pulls out revealing large pin. Small back hanger on back of neck as well.
Unidentified ingot, 1 inch in diameter.

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