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Archives of the Gray Herbarium

Researchers may consult materials from the archives only by appointment or written request. Send inquiries to Please allow one week for the processing of written and e-mailed requests.


Gray Herbarium, 1915

Below is a listing of the Gray Herbarium archival collections. Click on a specific collection to access its finding aid. This will provide you with biographical information, collection scope, size, and material types.

Personal Inventories
Historic Letters
Semi-Historic Letters
Botanist's Autographs
Photographs and Illustrations
Plant Lists
Field Notes
Institutional Inventories:


Personal Inventories

Ames, Oakes(1874-1950)
Bachelot de la Pylaie, Auguste Jean Marie (1786-1856)
Bailey, Irving Widmer (1884-1967)
Bailey, Liberty Hyde, Jr. (1858-1954)
Bailey, William Whitman (1843-1914)
Baldwin, William (1779-1819)
Berlandier, Jean Louis (c.1805-1851)
Bigelow, Jacob (1786-1879)
Bolander, Henry Nicholas (1831-1897)
Boott, Francis (1792-1863)
Brewer, William Henry (1828-1910)
Clarke, Cora H. (1851-1916)
Collins, James Franklin (1863-1940)
Cutler, Manasseh (1742-1823)
Cutler /Dandridge/ Thorndike
Davenport, George Edward (1833-1907)
Deane, Walter (1848-1930)
Eastwood,Alice (1859-1953)
Eaton, Alvah Augustus (1865-1908)
Elliot, Stephen(1771-1830)
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon (1873-1950)
Floyd, Frederick Gillan (1869-1941)
Forbes, Alexander (1882-1965)
Gerard, William Ruggles (1841-1914)
Gray, Alice A
Gray, Asa (1810-1888)
Gray, Jane Loring (1821-1909)
Harris, Thaddeus William (1795-1856)
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (1823-1911)
James, Thomas Potts (1803-1882)
Jameson, William (1796-1873)
Jesup, Henry Griswold (1826-1903)
Kamen-Kaye, Dorothy (1900-1998)
Kennedy, George Golding (1841-1918)
Kennedy, Rae Casena (nee Baldwin) (1879- )
Klatt, Friedrich Wilhelm (1825-1897)
Mann, Horace (1844-1868)
Mexia, Ynes Enriquetta Julietta (1870-1938) & N. Floy Bracelin
Moore, Albert Hanford (1883- )
Morong, Thomas (1827-1894)
Munoz Pizarro, Carlos (1913-1976)
Nuttall, Thomas (1786-1859)
Oakes, William (1799-1848)
Olney, Stephen Thayer (1812-1878)
Palmer, Edward (1831-1911)
Patten, Jane Boit
Pease, Arthur Stanley (1881-1964)
Pierce, George (ca. 1807- ?)
Pursh, Frederick (1774-1820)
Rand, Edward Lothrop (1859-1924)
Riddell, John Leonard (1807-1865) & Josiah Hale (ca. 1791- 1856)
Robbins, James Watson (1801-1879)
Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln (1864-1935)
Rollins, Reed Clarke (1911-1998)
Russell, John Lewis (1808-1873)
Scamman, Edith Henry (1882-1967)
Schubert, Bernice (1913-2000)
von Schweinitz, Lewis David (1780-1834)
Seymour, Frank Conkling (1895-1985)
Svenson, Henry K. (1930-1983)
Targioni-Tozzetti, Antonio (1785-1856)
Thurber, George (1821-1890) & William Munro (1818-1880)
Topping, David LeRoy (1861-1892)
Tozier, Charles Herman (1875-1947)
Watson, Sereno (1826-1892)
Weatherby, Charles Alfred (1875-1949)
Wheeler, Charles Fay (1842-1910)
Withers, William
Wright, Charles (1811-1885)

Historic Letters: Personal correspondence of Asa Gray dating from 1830-1888. Mostly letters to Gray. The two largest sets of correspondence are from George Engelmann and John Torrey. Also included are correspondence to various members of the Gray Herbarium staff, up to 1906.

Semi-Historic Letters: A collection of correspondence to various members of the Gray Herbarium staff from 1890-1955. The letters are from amatuer and professional botanists, collectors, prospective students, suppliers, Harvard administration, members of the Visiting Committee, donors, etc.

Botanist's Autographs: The main autograph collection is that of Mrs. Gray. It consists of five bound volumes of letters to the Grays. Fully indexed. To access Mrs. Gray's autograph collection click here. There are also a few folders containing miscellaneous autographs and handwriting samples of assorted botanists.

Photographs and Illustrations: To date over 1,500 photograhs and illustrations have been catalogued in our photo index. Most of these images are of botanists and their families, field excursions, and portraits of botanical meetings. We now have available two groups of images that have been cataloged on-line.

Plant Lists: The Gray Herbarium plant lists date from the 1930's to the present time. They are arranged alphabetically by the collector. An index is available.

Field Notes: Notebooks, daybooks, journals, etc. all dealing with botanical expeditions of various botanists.

Expeditions: The expeditions represented in the Gray Herbarium archives date from 1818 to 1980.

Institutional Inventories: The institutional records for the Botanic Garden, Gray Herbarium, Arnold Arboretum, Botany Libraries, Bussey Institute and Massachusetts Professorship.

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