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Johnston, J.R.

Flora from the Island of Margarita and Coche, Venezuela (reprint from Proc. Bost. Soc. Nat. Hist. 34: 163-312, 1909)


Weatherby, C.A.
Robinson, B.L.
Weatherby, C.A.
Fernald, M.L
Weatherby, C.A.

I. A preliminary Synopsis of the Genus Echeandia
II. Spermatophytes, new or reclassified, chiefly Rubiaceae and Gentianaceae
III. American forms of Lycopodium Complanatum
IV. New and little known Mexican plants, chiefly Labiatae
V. Mexican Phanerogams - Notes and New Species (reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 45:387-428, 1910)


Robinson, B.L.

I. On the classification of certain Eupatorieae
II. Revision of the Genus Barroeta
III. On some hitherto undescribed or misplaced Compositae (reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 47:191-216, 1911)


Blake, S.F.

I. A Redisposition of the Species heretofor referred to Leptosyne
II. A Revision of Encelia and some related Genera (reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 49:335-396, 1913)


Robinson, B.L.
Robinson, B.L.
Weatherby, C.A.
Hubbard, F.T.
Robinson, B.L.

I. A Key to the Genera of the Compositae-Eupatorieae
II. A Revision of Alomia, Ageratum, and Oxylobus
III. Some New Combinations required by the International Rules
IV. On the Gramineaecollected by Prof. Morton E. Peck in British Honduras, 1905-1907
V. Diagnoses and Transfers among the Spermatophytes (reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 49:429-517, 1913)


Fernald, M.L.
Fernald & H. St.John
St.John, H.

I. Some new or unrecorded Compositae chiefly of Northeastern America
II. Some anomalous Species and varieties of Bidens in Eastern North America
III. An insular variety of Solidago Sempervirens (reprint from Rhodora 17:1-27, 1915)


Fernald, M.L. & K.M. Weigand

The Genus Euphraisia in North America (reprint from Rhodora 17:181-201, 1915)


Blake, S.F.
Robinson, B.L.
MacBride, J.F.

I. Compositae new and transfered, chiefly Mexican
II. New, reclassified or otherwise noteworthy Spermatophytes
III. Certain Boraginaceae new or transferred(reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 51:515-558, 1916)</


Fernald, M.L. & C.A Weatherby

The Genus Puccinellia in Eastern Nrth America (reprint from Rhodora 18:1-23, 1916)


Blake, S.F.

A Revision of the Genus Polygala in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies


MacBride, J.F.

I. The True Mertensias of Western North Africa
II.Revision of the Genus Oreocarya
III. Notes on Certain Borraginaceae


MacBride, J.F (I-III)
MacBride & E.B. Payson (IV-V)

I. A Revision of the North American Species of Amsinckia
II. Further Notes on the Boraginaceae
III. Notes on the Hydrophyllaceae and a few other North American Spermatophytes
IV. New or otherwise interesting plants from Idaho
V.A revision of the Erigerons of the Series Multifidi


Fernald, M.L.

I. Some Polygonums new to North America
II. New or Critical Species or Varieties of Ranuculus
III. Some Color-forms of American Anemonies
IV. New Species, Varieties, and Forms of Saxifraga
V. A New Vitus from New England
VI. Gentiana clausa a valid Species
VII. Some forms of American Gentians
VIII. Some new or critical plants of Eastern North America (reprint from Rhodora 19: 133-155. 1917)


Butters, F.K.

Taxonomic and Geographic Studies in North American Ferns
I. The Genus Athyrium and the North American Ferns allied to A. Filix-femina
II. Botrychium virginianum and its American Varieties (reprint from Rhodora 19: 169-216 1917)


Blake, S.F.

I. Notes on the Systematic Position of Clibadium with Descriptions of some New Species
II. A Revision of the Genus Dimerostemma Cass
III. New and Noteworthy Compositae, chiefly Mexican
IV. Descriptions of New Spermatophytes, chiefly from the collections of Prof. M.E. Peck in British Honduras


MacBride, J.F.
Blake, S.F. II-IV

I. New or otherwise interesting plants, mostly North American Liliaceae and Chenopodiaceae
II. Further New or Noteworthy Compositae
III. New Spermatophytes collected in Venezuela and Curaco by Messrs. Curran & Haman
IV. New Plants from Oaxaca


Blake, S.F.

A Revision of the Genus Viguiera


Publication No.




Robinson, B.L.

I. Diagnoses and Notes relating to tropical American Eupatorieae
II. A descriptive revision of the Columbian Eupatoriums
III. Keyed recensions of the Eupatoriums of Venezuela and Ecuador (reprint from Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 54:235-367, 1918)


MacBride, J.F.

I. Further new or otherwise interesting Lilaceae
II. A Revision of Mirabilis, Subgenus, Hesperonia
III. A Revision of Mentzelia, Section Trachyphytum
IV. Certain North American Umbelliferae
V. Reclassifid or new Compositae, chiefly North American Helenieae
VI. Various American Spermatophytes, new or transferred


Fernald, M.L.

I. The Unity of the Genus Arenaria
II. The Type of the Genus Alsine
III. The earlier names for Alsinopsis
IV. The American Representatives of Arenaria sajanesis
V. The Specific Identity of Arenaria groenlandica and A. glabra
VI. The American variations of Arenaria verna (reprint from Rhodora 21: 1-22, 1919)


MacBride, J.F.

I. Notes on Certain Leguminosea
II. Reclassified or New Spermatophytes, chiefly North American


Robinson, B.L.

I. On Tropical American Compositae, chiefly Eupatorieae
II. A Recension of the Eupatoriums of Bolivia


Robinson, B.L.

I. Further Diagnoses and Notes on Tropical American Eupatorieae
II. The Eupatoriums of Peru (reprint from the Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 55: 3-88, 1919)


St. John, H.

Sable Islan, with a catalogue of its Vascular Plants (reprint from the Proc. Bost. Soc. Nat. Hist. 36: 1-103, 1921)


Fernald, M.L.

The Gray Herbarium Expedition to Nova scotia, 1920 (reprint from Rhodora 23, nos. 269-276)


Fernald, M.L.

Polypodium virginianum and P. vulgare (reprint from Rhodora 24: 125-142. 1922)


Fernald, M.L.

Notes on the Flora of Western Nova Scotia (reprint from Rhodora 24.1922)


Brackett, A.

I. Revision of the American Species of Hypoxis
II. Some Genera closely related to hypoxys (reprint from Rhodora 25, 1923)

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