The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Research Materials
Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi
Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae
Series V: Manuscripts
Series VI: Exsiccatae
Series VII: Academic Materials
Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Series IX: Card Files
Series X: Financial Records
Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations
Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks
Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committeess
Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards


Container List

Series VII: Academic Materials

Sub-Series 1: Lecture Notes
These lectures are mostly handwritten and some included printed programs as well as admission tickets to the events.
Box 23
Folder 1. Lecture on Algae, University Course, 29 May 1872
Folder 2. Lowell Institute. Four lectures on "Cryptogamic Botany". Handwritten lectures, 1872
Folder 3. Class Notes on Fungi. Course at Cambridge, Summer 1874
Folder 4. Course in Cryptogams I, 7 January 1875 through 4 Feruary 1875. Handwritten lecture notes.
Folder 5. Lecture Notes on the Myxomycetes. Handwritten lecture, undated.
Folder 6. Lowell Institute. Lectures on Yeast. Handwritten lecture, 20 October 1879 through 23 January 1880
Folder 7. "On Fungus Diseases of Plants". Handwritten lecture with original admission ticket, 9 April 1886
Folder 8. Address delivered to the Massachusetts Association of Classical High School Teachers. Handwritten lecture with original program, 9 April 1886 and 10 April 1886
Folder 9. Opening notes to lecture, "Conception of Species in Cryptogamic Botany". Handwritten notes, 2 November 1887
Folder 10. Lowell Institute. Eight lectures on "The General Aspects of the Lower Forms of Plants". Handwritten lectures with original admission ticket, 30 December 1889 through 23 January 1890
Folder 11. Lecture on Bacteria, undated probably 1893 or later (based on references).
Folder 12. Lecture Notes on Algae. Handwritten lecture, undated, probably 1895 or later (based on references).
Folder 13. Lowell Institute. Six lectures on "Edible and Poisonous Fungi and Their Allies". Handwritten lectures with original admission ticket, 24 October 1899 through 10 November 1899
Folder 14. Lecture Notes on the Genus Tremella. Handwritten lecture, undated.
Folder 15. Lecture Notes on the Genus Uredineae. Handwritten lecture, undated.
Folder 16. Lecture on Rhizocarps and Filices, undated.
Sub-Series 2: Subject Notes
Box 23
Folder 17. Notes on Fungus Plates
Folder 18. Notes on Harvey's Herbarium
Folder 19. Notes on Noctochineae in Barnet's Herbarium Folder 20. Notes on Fungi Specimens
Folder 21. Notes on Algae and Fungi
Folder 22. Notes on Fungi Peronospores
Folder 23. Notes on Mosses
Folder 24. Notes on "Explanation and/or names of plates on fungi specimens"
Folder 25. Bibliographical Notes on Fungi and Algae
Folder 26. Notes on Chytridinae
Folder 27. Miscellaneous Notes on Asomycetes
Folder 28. Labeled "Notes on Material Collected at Magnolia", 1903
Folder 29. Notes on Fungi
Folder 30. Notes on Algae, Seaweed, Cryptogamic terminology, and Mosses
Folder 31. Miscellaneous loose notes
Sub-Series 3: Printed Harvard Related Materials
These materials range from faculty notices, meeting minutes, and other faculty related items to Harvard concert programs and tickets.
Box 24
Folder 1. Harvard Materials, 1866-1869. 7 items.
Folder 2. Harvard Materials, 1870s. 6 items, 1 damaged.
Folder 3. Harvard Materials, 1880s. 2 items.
Folder 4. Harvard Materials, 1890-1891. 5 items.
Folder 5. Harvard Materials, 1892, Faculty Notices. 6 items.
Folder 6. Harvard Materials, 1892, miscellaneous Harvard materials. 4 items.
Folder 7. Harvard Materials, 1893. 5 items.
Folder 8. Harvard Materials, 1894, Faculty Notices. 21 items.
Folder 9. Harvard Materials, 1894, miscellaneous Harvard materials. 13 items.
Folder 10. Harvard Materials, 1895, Faculty Notices. 15 items.
Folder 11. Harvard Materials, 1896, Faculty Notices. 27 items.
Folder 12. Harvard Materials, 1896, miscellaneous Harvard materials. 8 items.
Folder 13. Harvard Materials, 1897. 1 item.
Folder 14. Harvard Materials, 1903-1916. 19 items.
Folder 15. Harvard Materials, undated. 7 items.
Folder 16. Harvard Materials, undated. 13 items.
Folder 17 Harvard Materials, undated. 6 items.


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