The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Research Materials
Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi
Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae
Series V: Manuscripts
Series VI: Exsiccatae
Series VII: Academic Materials
Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Series IX: Card Files
Series X: Financial Records
Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations
Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks
Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committeess
Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards


Container List

Series V: Manuscripts

Sub-Series 1. Manuscript of Marine Algae of New England and the Adjacent Coast
Box 19
Sub-Series 2. Miscellaneous Manuscripts written by Farlow
Box 20
Folder 1. "Biography of Jean Baptiste and Edward Bournet"
Folder 2. "Case of Facial paralysis with Otitis"
Folder 3. "The conception of Species as Affected by Recent Investigations on Fungi"
Folder 4. "A Consideration of the Species Plantarium of Linnaeus as a Basic for the Starting Point of the Nomenclature of Cryptogams"
Folder 5. "Lichens Collected on Beagle's Expedition to Galapagos"
Folder 6. "Manuscript Concerning the Purpose of an Exploration to the Pacific Islands to Study and Collect Marine Algae"
Folder 7. Manuscript of an Address, delivered at the "Academy of Sciences, Stockholm", 25 May 1907
Folder 8. "Notes on Agaricus Amygolalinus, M.A. Curtis"
Folder 9. "On Some New Marine Algae of the United States"
Folder 10. "Sabbatia stellarius"
Folder 11. "Sargassum Seaweed and its Early Discovery"
Folder 12. "The vegetation of the Hot Springs of the Yellowstone National Park"
Folder 13. "Farlow Manuscript on Flora of California by Sereno Watson"
Folder 14. "Copy of George E. Hale's paper The Future of the National Academy of Sciences" sent to Farlow in 1913
Folder 15. "The Gymnosporangia or Cedar Apples of the United States", 1880
Folder 16. "Biological Teaching in Colleges", 1881
Folder 17. "Notes for Mushroom Eaters"
Folder 18. "Enumeration of the Peronosporae of the United States"
Folder 19. "The Vegetation of the Sargasso Sea", 1914
Folder 20. Address delivered to dining club "What is to be the Future of our Colleges", 31 March 1896
Folder 21. Address for the 25th Anniversary banquet Missouri Botanical Garden, 16 October 1914
Folder 22. Characteristics of Marine Flora of North America
Sub-Series 3. Miscellaneous Manuscripts written by others
Box 21
Folder 1. Isabella A. Abbott, "The Genus Griffithsia (Rhodophyceae) in Hawaii"
Folder 2. Elam Brtholomew, "Some Enemies to Plant Life: An Unseen World", Jan 1, 1925
Folder 3. Erik Bjorkman, "Ueber Die Bedingungen Der Mykorrhizabildung Bei Kiefer Und Fichte"
Folder 4. V. J. Chapman, "The Aims of Future Research in Algae", 3 copies
Folder 5. George Perkins Clinton, Manuscript and Related Material for "Biographical Memoir of Roland Thaxter, 1858-1932"
Folder 6. Templeton Crocker, "Lichens Collected by the Templeton Crocker-California Academy of Science "
Folder 7. Max Fleischer, Miscellaneous Notes on Musci, approximately 1912
Folder 8. Hermann Edward Hasse, "Lichen Flora of Southern California", published 1913"
Folder 9. Reginald Heber Howe, "Classification de la familele des Usneaceae dans l'Amerique du Nord..." 1912"
Folder 10. William H. Pearson, "Notes on New Zealand Hepaticae"
Folder 11. Unidentified manuscript


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