The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Research Materials
Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi
Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae
Series V: Manuscripts
Series VI: Exsiccatae
Series VII: Academic Materials
Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Series IX: Card Files
Series X: Financial Records
Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations
Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks
Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committeess
Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards


Container List

Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi

Sub-Series 1. Bibliographical lists
Box 10
Abbado, Michel
Aderhold, Ruth
Allescher, Andreas and Hennings, P
Alwood, W.B.
Anderson, Alexander Pierce
Anderson, F.W.
Andrews, Florence
Arthur, Joseph Charles (2 folders)
Atkinson, George F. (2 folders)
Bunker, Howard James
Bartholomew, Elam
Bates, John Mallery
Bates, William Carver
Beardslee, Henry Curtis
Beauverie, Jean and Vaney Clement
Bennett, James Lawrence
Berkley, Miles Joseph
Berlese, August Napoleone
Bessey, Charles E.
Bischoff, G.W.
Blakeslee, Albert Francis
Blasdale, Walter Charles
Borgesen, F.
Bolley, Henry Luke
Bonansea, L.
Bornet, Jean Baptiste Eduard
Brannon, Melvin Ahos
Bresadola, J.
Brick, Carl
Briosi, Giovanni
Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude
Britton, Nathaniel
Brown, Charles E.
Bubak, Franz
Burnap, Charles Edward
Burt, Edward Angus
Butiers, Fred K.
Campbell, R.
Carleton, Mark Alfred
Carver, G.W.
Cavara, Fridiano
Cheney, L.S.
Chestnut, Victor King
Chester, F.D.
Christman, Arthur Henry
Claasen, Edo
Clark, Judson Freeman
Clark, Josephine A. and Claypole, Mrs. E.W.
Clements, Frederick Edward
Clendenin, Ida May
Clifford, Julia B.
Clinton, George Perkins
Close, C.P.
Clute, William Nelson
Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison
Collins, F.S.
Combs, Robert
Cook, Mel T.
Cook, O.F.
Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt
Constantin, J.
Coville, Frederick Vernon
Cox, John Redman and Curry, Frederick
Davis, John Jefferson
Davison, Maria
Detmers, Freda
Dietel, Paul
Duggar, Benjamin Minge
Durand, Elias Judah
Ellis, Job Bicknell
Fries, Elias Magnus
Box 11
Emerson, Julia T.
Eustace, H. J. and Eycleshymer, A. C.
Fee, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire and Ferry, R.
Fischer, Eduard
Gaillard, Albert L.
Galloway, Beverly Thomas
Galloway, Thomas Weston / Gates, Reginald Ruggles / Golden, Katherine Eliza / Gossard, H. A.
Griffiths, David
Halsted, B. D. (2 folders)
Harvey, F. L.
Hariot, Paul Auguste Valentin
FoldeHarkness, Harvey Wilson
Harper, Robert A. and Harshberger, John William
Hart, John Huckley and Hasselbring, H.
Hay, George Upham
Heller, A. Arthur and Henderson, Louis Forniquet
Herbst, William and Hess, Alice Ward
Hicks, Gilbert Henry
Hitchcock, Albert Spear and Hodson, Elmer Reed
Hollick, Charles Arthur and Hollos, Ladislaus
Holway, Edward Willet (Dorland)
Holzinger, John Michael and Howe, Daisy S.
Howell, Jean K. and Hubbard, Henry Guernsey
Hume, Harold Hardrada
Humphrey, James Ellis
Hyams, C. W. and Jacky, Ernst
Jaczeuski, A. and James, Josph P.
Jelliffee, Smith Ely
Jennings, H. S. and Johnson, O. S.
Johnston, John R. and Jones, H. L.
Karsten, Peter Adolf and Kearney, Thomas H.
Kellerman, William Asterbrook
Kickx, Jean and King Cyrus Ambrose
Kofoid, C. A. / Kunze, Gustav / Kupfer, Elise M.
Langerheim, Nils Gustav von
Langlois, Auguste Barthelmy and Ladd, E. F.
Lindroth, Johan Ivar
Lister, Arthur
MacBride, T. H.
McClatchie, Alfred James
Mackay, A. H. and McIlvaine, Charles
MacMillan, Conway
Maconn, James Melville and Macoun, John
Magnus, Paul Wilhelm
Massee, George Scampston
Murril, W. A.
Mutchler, Fred
Nebraska Botanical Survey
Noelli, Alberto / Noevgaard, Victor A. / Notaris, G. de
Olive, Edgar William
Pammel, Louis Herman
Panton, J. Noyes and Paoletti, Guilio
Patouillard, Narcisse
Peck, Charles H.
Peglion, Vittorio / Peirce, George James / Perry, Elma Brooks
Petri, L / Petit, R. N. / Phillips, William
Plumier, Charles and Polakonsky, Helmuth
Pound, Roscoe
Rex, George, A.
Rosenvinge, L. K.
Rostrop, Frederick Georg Emil
Roussel, Ernst and Rush, W. W.
Sadebeck, R.
Salmon, Ernest S.
Schroeter, Julius / Seaver, Fred Jag / Setchell, William Albert
Smith, Annie Lorrain / Sommers, John / Sprengel, Kurt
Starbaer, K. and Stonemen, Bertha
Tassi, F. G.
Thaxter, Roland
Tilden, Josephine E.
Winder, Daniel Rose / Windle, W. S. / Wingate, Harold
Winter, Georg / Woernle, Paul / Zabriskie, Jeremiah Lot

Sub-Series 2: Correspondence
Box 12A
Correspondence 1878
Correspondence January - May 1903
Correspondence June - December 1903
Correspondence 1904
Correspondence April - October 1905
Correspondence November and December 1905
Correspondence 1906
Correspondence 1907
Correspondence 1908
Correspondence 1910-1913

Sub-Series 3: Notes
Box 12A
Bibliographical Notes, subject: fungi. Preliminary notes for Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi. Includes the paper "Bioblio. Contributions, 1887-1888"

Sub-Series 4: Financial Records
Box 12A
Reports 1903
Reports 1904
Reports 1905
Reports 1906
Charles River Bank, checks
Charles River Bank, account books
Charles River Trust
Financial Wage Reports, 1905
Financial Records
List of Recipients, 1905
Sub-Series 5. Galley Proofs
Box 12
Folder 1: Proofs 1-18, 3rd review
Folder 2: Proofs 1-12, 3rd review
Folder 3: Proofs 1-12, 4th review
Folder 4: Proofs 8-12, 1 copy 2nd review and 1 copy 3rd review
Folder 5: Proofs 1-3, 2 copies of 2nd review
Folder 6: Proofs 1-8, 4th review
Folder 7: Miscellaneous letters and notes regarding proofs
Folder 8: Proofs 1-14, 3rd and 4th review mixed together
Folder 9: Proofs 1-5, 2nd review
Folder 10: Proofs 15-29, unnumbered review copy
Folder 11: Proofs 15-28, 2nd and 3rd review mixed together
Folder 12: Proofs 1-14, unnumbered review copy
Folder 13: Pre-publication extracts


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