The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Research Materials
Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi
Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae
Series V: Manuscripts
Series VI: Exsiccatae
Series VII: Academic Materials
Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Series IX: Card Files
Series X: Financial Records
Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations
Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks
Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committeess
Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards


Container List

Series II: Research Materials

Sub-series 1: Plant Presses
Box 4 & 5

A. Empty Plant Press
B. Traveling set of New England Mosses

Sub-series 2: Notebooks
Boxes 6-9

Box 6
"Class Notes from Germany", 1872-1874
"Notes on Puccinia" volume I, 1879
"Notes on Puccinia" volume II, 1881
"Puccinia Aecidum...", 1883-1886
"New England Fungi", 1896-1914
"Drawings of Fungi", 1902
"Notes on Cryptogams...", 1903
"Seaweeds in Nassau Bahamas", 1905
"Lists of Algae, Lichens, and Fungi", 1906
"Lists of Specimens in Tallulah Falls, GA", 1907
"Plates in Metropolitan Vaults", 1909
"Lists of Duplicate Exscicatti", 1910
Box 7
"Lists of Fungi", n.d.
"Notes on Fungi in Europe", n.d.
"Algae Specimens", n.d.
"Species Ready for Sets", n.d.
"Study of Seedlings", 1876-1883
"Bermuda Plants", 1887-1900
"Miscellaneous Fungi Notes", n.d.
"European Specimens", 1901-1915
"Mr. Thaxter", n.d.
Box 8
"Lists of Journals", 1893-1919
"Notes on Specimens", 1897-1903
"Urosmyces", 1883
"Edible and Poisonous Fungi", n.d.
Boylston Laboratory Notes", 1877-1884
"Thermal Algae", 1864
"Stereoptican Slides", n.d.
"Sullivan and James Collection", n.d.
List of Fungi Diagrams", n.d.
"Icones Hymenamycetum", n.d.
Box 9
"Fresh Water Algae collected in MA and CT", 1890-1896
"Chocarua Notebooks", n.d.
"Notes on Jamaican Algae, Fungi", 1905-1908
"To be looked up in Europe", 1910
"Notes on Sargassum", 1910
"South Africa and Java", 1912-1913
"List of Drawings of Fungi and Desiolerata", n.d.
"Juqui renola", n.d.


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