The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Research Materials
Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi
Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae
Series V: Manuscripts
Series VI: Exsiccatae
Series VII: Academic Materials
Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Series IX: Card Files
Series X: Financial Records
Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations
Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks
Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committeess
Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards


Container List

Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts

Case 1
Top Shelf
Franch art pottery vase sculpted and glazed by Delphin Massier (1836-1907). box marked "Purchased in Nice", circa 1900
Farlow academic hood from University of Glascow, 1901
Farlow academic hood from University of Wisconsin, 1904
Hanging given to Farlow from Professor Kingo Miyabe (1860-1951). Silk, hand painted and embroidered. Label reads "Long Life and Happiness
The Dramatic Works of Shakespeare, given to Farlow from Dr. Edward Barnet in 1910
Farlow's cane
Harvard University Gazette Memorial Minute for William Gilson Farlow. 1 original under glass and 1 photocopy


Middle Shelf
Farlow's handlenses, 2 lenses.
Ivory ruler given to Farlow by Asa Gray
Photo plate of young Farlow
8 mounted oversized photographs. Labelled on the back in Farlow's hand," Utrecht University, 1899"
Uppsala scrapbook, 1907. Contains graduation programs, invitations, maps, and newspaper articles dealing with the 200th celebration of Linnaeus' birth.
Small laurel wreath from Uppsala celebration, 1907. (Large Laurel wreath hangs in the Farlow Reading Room)
Artificial Linnea Borealis from Uppsala celebration, 1907
Farlow's gradualtion ring from Uppsala celebration, 1907
Bronze medal. Museum Histoire Naturelle. Farlow Correspondant 3 November 1910.**
Bronze medal. 1856-1906 Semi-Centunnial. George Englemann - Academy of Science, St. Louis.
Bronze medal. Memorial for Schwedener (1829-1909), 1909
Bronze medal. Carolus Linnaeus, 1907 **
Bronze medal. Louisiana Purchase. **
Bronze medallion. Theobold Smith, Boston 1915.
Silver medallion. Evolution des Etres Organises Sorbonne, 1888.
Silver medallion. Harvard Natural History Society, 1837.
Silver medallion. Pierian Sodality, 1808.
Silver medal. Front reads "ARS Celare Arteim K., 1859." Back reads "W. G. Farlow, 1866."
Two silver medallions. Gift of Franklin, 1858 & 1861
Wedgewood medallion. Linnaeus. (Gift of Sir. J.D. Hooker)
Wedgewood medallion. Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker.


Bottom Shelf
Box 1:
- Moudians lactarius from Middlebury Vt
- 4 mounted photos of Norway
- 7 prints bought by Farlow in Stockholm, 27 May 1907
- 5 photos of Groningen Holland, 1899
Box 2:
- 9 mounted photos of Bermuda
- 16 mounted photos of Padua, Italy, 1892
- 14 mounted photos of Uppsala, Sweden, 1892
Box 3 - 16 mounted photos of the Botanical Garden in Padua
Box 4:
- 9 photos of France
- 2 mounted photos of Moscow and a print of a Russian costume
- 1 mounted photo of Bonn, Germany
13 photos of Montpellier, France, 1892
3 photos of Grand Menan Canada
4 mounted photos of Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA. Taken by Mr. Wardsworth, 1891
Undated stereoscopic slides
Souvenir Album of Washington Botanical Club, 1891
Small photo album containing 30 photographs, many campus scenes, undated
Photo album containing 16 photos of Bermuda. 9 of these listed as "Mr. Hyde's photos"

** These medals have corresponding letters and/or certificates in Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards.


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