The William Gilson Farlow (1844-1919)


Series Descriptions

Series I: Correspondence

Sub-series 1: Bound Correspondence
Volumes 1-132

Sub-series 2: Professional Correspondence (arranged alphabetically)
Box 1

Sub-series 3: Topical correspondence (arranged alphabetically by topic)
Box 2

Sub-series 4: Family and legal correspondence
Box 2

Sub-series 5: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 3


Series II: Research Materials

Sub-series 1: Plant Presses
Box 4 & 5

Sub-series 2: Notebooks
Boxes 6-9


Series III. Materials Pertaining to the Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi

Sub-Series 1: Bibliographical lists
Box 10 & 11

Sub-Series 2: Correspondence
Box 12A

Sub-Series 3: Notes
Box 12A

Sub-Series 4: Financial Records
Box 12A

Sub-Series 5: Galley Proofs
Box 12B


Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae

Sub-Series 1. Descriptions
Box 13

Sub-Series 2. Illustrations
Map Case

Sub-Series 3. Card File
Boxes 14-17

Sub-Series 4. Photographs of specimens, glass plate negatives, and plate mockups
Box 18A-18C

Sub-Series 5. Icones Farlowianae (monograph)
Box 18

Sub-Series 6. Other materials relating to the Icones
Box 18C

For More Icones Farlowianae materials see the following collections:
1. Burt, Edward Angus (1859-1939)
- Correspondence from Carroll W. Dodge (Box 1)
- Correspondence from Roland Thaxter (Box 1)
- E.A. Burt's draft of the text to the plates and introductory notes(Box 2)
- Burt's annotated plates (Oversized Box)
2. Dodge, Carroll William (1880-1988)
- Correspondence from Edward Angus Burt (Box 4)
- Correspondence from Roland Thaxter (Box 14)
3. Krieger, Louis Charles Christopher (1873-1940)
- more of the glass plate negatives used in creating Icones Farlowianae
4. Thaxter, Roland (1858-1932)
- Correspondence from Carroll W. Dodge (Box 2), this folder includes letters from The Merrymount Press as well as the original copyright certificate and advertisement for the Icones


Series V: Manuscripts

Sub-Series 1. Manuscript of Marine Algae of New England and the Adjacent Coast
Box 19

Sub-Series 2. Miscellaneous Manuscripts written by Farlow
Box 20

Sub-Series 3. Miscellaneous Manuscripts written by others
Box 21


Series VI: Exsiccatae
Box 22


Series VII: Academic Materials

Sub-Series 1: Lecture Notes
Box 23

Sub-Series 2: Subject Notes
Box 23

Sub-Series 3: Printed Harvard Related Materials
Box 24


Series VIII: Specimen Lists
Box 25


Series IX: Card Files

Sub-Series 1: Krieger Card File
Box 26

Sub-Series 2: Bibliographic Card File
Box 27

Sub-Series 3: Phytopathology Bibliographic Card File
Box 28

Sub-Series 4: Card File of Books in Farlow's Collection
Box 29

Sub-Series 5: Farlow's Small Card File
Box 30-39

Sub-Series 6: Farlow's Large Card File
Boxes 40-52

Sub-Series 7: Index Botanique Universel Card File
Boxes 53


Series X: Financial Records

Sub-Series 1: Personal Records
Box 54

Sub-Series 2: Farlow Herbarium Finances
Box 55

Sub-Series 3: Bookseller Records
Boxes 56 & 57


Series XI: Photographs, Plates, and Illustrations

Sub-Series 1: Notebooks of Fungi Illustrations
Box 58

Sub-Series 2: Miscellaneous Prints of Fungi
Box 59

Sub-Series 3: Photographs of Other Botanists
Boxes 60-62

Sub-Series 4: 70th Birthday Albums
Box 63

See also Series IV: Materials Pertaining to Icones Farlowianae for other illustrations and photographs


Series XII: Sketchbooks and Scrapbooks

Sub-Series 1: Sketchbooks

Sub-Series 2: Scrapbooks

Sub-Series 3: Loose drawings


Series XIII: Proffessional Organizations and Committees


Series XIV: Medals and Artifacts
Case 1


Series XV: Oversized Diplomas and Awards
Map Case


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