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Jacob Whitman Bailey Collection (About 1,200 slides & 400 dried samples)

The personal collection of the Amercian microscopist and diatomist, Jacob Whitman Bailey (1811-1857), of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. Samples are from the Wilkes' Exploring Expedition (1838-1842), the North Pacific Exploring Expedition (1853-1856), Otway H. Berryman's Soundings from the North Atlantic, early soundings of the U. S. Coast Survey, the expeditions of John Charles Fremont, Robert Stockton Williamson and John Strong Newberry in the American West, the Dolphin cruise to the Para River, South America (annotations by his son, Loring Woart Bailey), and Bailey's own personal collections from freshwater, marine and fossil localties throughout North America. There is considerable dried diatom material gained in exchange with European correspondents, especially, Louis Alphonse de Brébisson, George Dickie, and Sébastien René Lenormand.

James Riley Bartholomew Collection (About 200 slides and 1,000 vials)

Not yet available on-line.

Boston Society of Natural History Collection (About 2,000 slides and 50 dried samples)

Clarence A. Cheever Collection (About 10,000 slides)

Not yet available on-line.

General Collection (About 3,500 slides)

Not yet available on-line.

Henry W. Henshaw Collection (5,347 slides)

This collection covers 122 diatom genera and 1356 species and was made between 1912 and 1926 by Henry W. Henshaw, director of the U. S. Biological Survey. The Farlow received this collection in 1956 from the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard. Most of the slides are single-specimen (valve or frustule) mounts. Nearly half of the collection consists of materials from expeditions and collections on which Albert Mann, a friend and Curator of Diatoms at the Smithsonian Institution, had worked. It is thus rich in taxa Mann described and materials from throughout North America and the Pacific region, including Hawaii, The Philippines, Japan, New Zealand, The Galapagos and Peru. Some materials from Russia (Simbirsk), The Bahamas, Barbadoes and Europe are also present. [Not yet available on-line.]

Frederick Habirshaw Collection (304 vials)

John A. Shulze Collection (About 350 vials)

William A. Terry Collection (About 850 vials)

Not yet available on-line. This collection is the focus of current work (July 2002). Terry's collection is particularly rich in recent and fossil material from the freshwater, brackish and marine habitats of Connecticut and other parts of New England. Many of these samples (available for LM and SEM) were included in Tempère & Peragallo's Collection des Diatomées du Monde Entier, ed. 2 (1907-1914).

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