Introduction to the Published Collections (Exsiccatae)


The Farlow Herbarium houses substantial collections of published diatom exsiccatae. These collections were issued as replicates, and specimens in them were serially numbered with the consequences that "a specimen in [a published] exsiccata can be cited as precisely as a passage in a book, and 'copies' will be found in several or many herbaria" (Sayre, G. Cryptogamae Exsiccatae -- An Annotated Bibliography of Published Exsiccatae of Algae, Lichens, Hepaticae, and Musci. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 19, 1969). This catalog documents c. 13,000 records of the association of diatom taxa, geographical localities and collectors from 34 of these published exsiccatae. A bibliography of the published exsiccatae subsumed by this catalog is included .

This catalog is based primarily on a detailed, exhaustive examination of specimen labels and published indexes from these exsiccatae. This catalog does not present a necessarily literal record of taxa and geographical localities found on specimen labels. In that I originally marshalled this information into alphabetical indexes* for publication in the form of a book, I supplemented geographical information, corrected errors, standardized orthographic variants and multilingual place names, and made other changes that would enhance cohesion of the same taxa names and localities in a book format. Those modifications are not listed in this catalog; the original publication should be consulted for them at present, although I am annotating the catalog entries as I transfer them into this new format.

* Edgar, Robert K. 1987. Diatoms in published exsiccatae at the Farlow Herbarium: indexes to taxa, geographical localities and diatomists. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Farlow Herbarium & Library, Harvard University, 500 pp.


Each record in this catalog consist of several lines ordered as follows:


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