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2013 Spring (no. 61) | Fall (no. 62)  
62 Mycological Stamps (Keiko Nishimoto) | News | Fun Finds | "Ugly Room" Transformation (Genevieve Lewis-Gentry)
61 Collections Online (Michaela Schmull) | Blow, Ye Fungal Winds (Lawrence Millman) | Presidential Fun Find | Clara Cummings Walk (Danny Haelewaters and Elizabeth Kneiper)
2012 Spring (no. 59) | Fall (no. 60)  
60 The Many Faces of "Cap" Weston (Lisa DeCesare) | Farlow Library Renovation (Judith Warnement) | Bioluminescence Event
59 Thaxter's Legacy (Serena Zhao) | News | Rembering Friends (Donald Pfister) | Oakes Ames the Student
2011 Spring (no. 57) | Fall (no. 58)  
58 Not All Scutellinia Species are the Same (Donald Pfister) |Walden Pond Recap (Jason Karakehian) |Farlow News| Note on Volunteerism (Donald Pfister)
57 Eliza Beulah Blackford (Lisa DeCesare) | Group Visits to the Farlow (Lisa DeCesare) | Harvey Pofcher (Donald Pfister)
2010 Spring (no. 55) | Fall (no. 56)  
56 Asa Gray's Last Collecting Trip (Lisa DeCesare) | Asa Gray, Donald Pfister and Harvard Summer School |Asa Gray Honored with Stamp | Elizabeth Kneiper Steps Down as FoF President (Donald Pfister)
55 Harvard's Pound Hall Was Named for a Nebraskan Mycologist (Brian Franzone) | Asa Gray Bicentennial Celebration (1810-2010) | The Farlow Thanks Dr. Norihide Amano (Judy Warnement) | Appreciating Gifts and Collections for Contemporary Biology (David P. Hughes) | Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum
2009 Spring (no. 53) | Fall (no. 54)
54 Cemetery Lichens: Study Collections for Beginners (Elizabeth J. Kneiper) | Fragile Science (Tessa Updike) 1.7 MB
53 Following the Rake of Roland Thaxter - Unearthing the Hypogeous Fungi of South America (Matthew E. Smith) | Generous Gift from Professor Goos | Elam Bartholomew | 2009 Collecting Commences with Clara Cummings Walk | The History of the Farlow Part III- Financing the Farlow (Lisa DeCesare) | BMC hosts NEMF Foray
14.1 MB
2008 Spring (no. 51) | Fall (no. 52)
52 The Harvard-Google Project -- "Libraries, Books, Equality and Google" (Judy Warnement) | Caroline Coventry Haynes (Genevieve Lewis-Gentry) | The History of the Farlow. Part II. The Beginnings of the Herbarium (Lisa DeCesare) 9.2 MB
51 On the Trail of E. J. H. Corner - Collecting Mycenoid Fungi in Malaysia (Brian Perry) | The History of the Farlow. Part I. The Origins of the Farlow Library and Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany (Lisa DeCesare) | HPLC at the Farlow (George Davis) 6.6 MB
2007 Spring (no. 49) | Fall (no. 50)
50 David Linder and the Boylston Street Diatoms (Robert Edgar) | Teuvo Ahti honored | Visiting Lichenologists 4.9 MB
49 Studies on the genus Neolecta (David Hewitt) | Beata Ruris Otia Fungus Danicis Impensa “Happy Periods of Rest in the Country in the Company of Mushrooms” (Lisa DeCesare) 9.1 MB
2006 Spring (no. 47) | Fall (no. 48)
48 The Myxomycete Collection at the Farlow Herbarium (Genevieve Lewis-Gentry) | Anton deBary | Catacomb Curiosity - Navicula americana Ehrenberg (Robert Edgar)
0.8 MB
47 Ascomycota truffles: Cup fungi go underground. (Karen Hansen) | Tulasne Brothers Exhibit (Lisa DeCesare) | Harvard honors Professor Donald Pfister (Judy Warnement)
0.8 MB
2005 Spring (no. 45) | Fall (no. 46)

Heliosporidium parasiticum (Chlorophyta: Trebouxiophyceae), A Novel Entomopathogenic Alga with a Curious Life History (John Denton) | Stepping on Giant Diatoms (Elizabeth Kneiper) | A Study of Ramalina and Usnea Collections in the R. H. Howe, Jr., Lichen Herbarium (Elizabeth Kneiper) | When Lichens Inspire (Elizabeth Kneiper) | FoF Sponsors Red Algae Interest (Elizabeth Kneiper) | "Amanita phalloides" Exhibit (Lisa DeCesare)

0.7 MB
45 There's more to Indian Pipe than meets the eye. (Sylvia Yang) | Farlow / Lister Correspondence (Lisa Decesare)
2.7 MB
44 History of Mycological Illustration Exhibit (Lisa DeCesare)
2.0 MB
The Geneva Sayre Fellowship 2003: Studying the Farlow Lichen Collections from the British Isles (Mark R. D. Seaward) | More About Thomas Taylor and his Herbarium .... (Judy Warnement) | LaGreca Named Curator of Lichens at the Natural History Museum, London (JudyWarnement) | More about Scott ... "Shipwrecked" (Douglas N. Greene)
2.0 MB
Spring (no. 41) | Fall (no. 42)
Fungi in the Fossil Record of the Rhynie, Scotland (David Hewitt) | New Exhibits on the Botany Libraries Web Site (Lisa DeCesare)
0.7 MB
The William A.Terry Diatom Collection (Robert K. Edgar) | Who was M. A. Robinson? (Judy Warement)
Spring (no. 39) | Fall (no. 40)
Lichens and Bryophytes of the Boston Harbor Islands (Scott LeGreca) | Algae: Nature and Art on Martha's Vineyard (Judy Warnement)
0.8 MB
Lichens and Politics Meet on Mount Everett (Philip May)
0.7 MB
Spring (no. 37) | Fall (no. 38)
Recent Bryological Studies of Adirondack Mountain Alpine Summits (Norton G. Miller) | A Farlow Exhibit of Select Mycological Illustrators 1890-1925 (Lisa DeCesare)
0.4 MB
Mushroom Portraits Visit the Farlow (Lise DeCesare)
0.7 MB
Spring (no. 35) | Fall (no. 36)
Why Are There So Many Different Kinds of Mushrooms? (David S. Hibbett)
0.7 MB
Counting Fungi (Donald H. Pfister) | On Display in the Farlow Lobby Cyttaria: A Curious Fungus (Kris Peterson)
0.7 MB
Spring (no. 33) | Fall (no. 34)
From Roland Thaxter to PCR: A Century of Work on the Loboulbeniales (Alex Weir)
0.7 MB
Antarctica: Where Cryptogams are King (Rick Weinstein)
0.7 MB

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