The Farlow Herbarium (FH)

The Farlow Herbarium houses nearly 1,400,000 specimens of lichenized and non-lichenized fungi, bryophytes, and algae. The collections are world-wide in scope; particular strengths are in bound, indexed exsiccatae, bryophytes and fungi from Asia, entomogenous fungi, Antarctic lichens, and special "authors" herbaria which contain many type specimens. The Herbarium also has an associated library, The Farlow Reference Library, including the Archives of the Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany. Currently, the New England Botanical Club cryptogamic collection is also housed in the Farlow Herbarium. A large number of the Farlow collections have been digitized with more constantly being added, they can be searched on the specimen database.

In addition, the Lichen Webpages contain a guide to the literature for identifying North American lichens, identification keys, guides to identifying and collecting lichens, and links to other related sites.

The large authors herbaria are those of: M. Fleischer (Mosses), V. Schiffner (Mosses and Hepatics), E. Bartram (Mosses), W. S. Sullivant (Mosses and Hepatics), T. Taylor (Mosses, Hepatics, Fungi and Lichens), E. Tuckerman (Lichens), C. W. Dodge (Lichens), E. Tucherman (Lichens), N. Patouillard (Fungi), M. A. Curtis (Fungi), E. A. Burt (Fungi), and R. Thaxter (Fungi, Laboulbeniales).

Curator: Donald H. Pfister, Asa Gray Professor of Systematic Botany