Bailey-Wetmore Wood Collection

Goodyera specimen

Irving W. Bailey initiated the Wood Collection with the accumulation of wood specimens and microscope slides for his own scientific research of vascular plants. Wetmore added to the collections with planned trips to Cuba and Panama (Wetmore et al., 1974: The Harvard University Wood Collection in the Rejuvenation of Systematic Wood Anatomy. Taxon, Vol. 23(5/6), pp. 739-745).

There are 33,000 specimens of wood in the wood collection, about 38,000 microscope slides of wood, and 15,000 slides of other plant parts; an important collection of petrifactions is also included. Together these form an exceptionally valuable source of information concerning plant structure. The collection, formerly without any direct institutional connection, is now housed in the Harvard University Herbaria building adjacent to a laboratory designated for anatomical studies. It forms a valuable addition to the plant collections maintained in the building.