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HOLLIS Designators

The libraries' holdings are listed in the HOLLIS Catalog, Harvard's online catalog. Please note the HOLLIS catalog designator for each collection.
Botany Arnold (Cambr.): Library of the Arnold Arboretum
Botany Gray Herbarium: Library of the Gray Herbarium
Botany Gray/Arnold: Combined Gray/Arnold holdings
Botany Farlow Library: Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic Botany
Botany Econ. Botany: Economic Botany Library of Oakes Ames
Botany Ames Orchid: Oakes Ames Orchid Library
*Botany Arboretum: Arnold Arboreum Library, Jamaica Plain, MA

The Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

*The Arnold Arboretum Library, Library located in Jamaica Plain supports the research, curatorial, and educational programs of the Arboretum. The library collects works on dendrology, horticulture, botany, floras of the world, forestry, and taxonomy. It also supports the work of the Landscape Institute by collecting materials on landscape conservation, design, history, interpretation, management, planning, and preservation. Please direct questions regarding the Arboretum collection to:

Arnold Arboretum Library
125 Arborway
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-3519
Phone 617.522.1086
Fax 617.524.1418, ATTN Library


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